Rammits Revealed Exhibit Closes June 18th

Birdlady _smallThe exhibition of work from Jessica Sallay-Carrington’s artists’ residency at Main & Station, Rammits Revealed, will remain open in the secondfloor gallery until June 18th.

This expertly displayed work is beautiful, evocative and interesting.
Work from the students in Jessica’s workshops, Hollow Solids & Epic Mugs, is also on display.
Don’t Miss It!
Rammits revealed

Meditative Collage – June 20 & 21 !

Julia Heimer Dadds is a Nonesuch Artist in Residence for the month of June. Please join her for some Mediative Collage.Julia HD _Collage


A 2-Day Meditative Collage Workshop

WHEN:  Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st from 2 – 5 pm each day

WHERE: Main & Station Second Floor, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, B0M 1S0

INSTRUCTOR: Julia Heimer Dadds

“One of the many gifts of the art is the state of mind we reach as we do it. A stone sculptor friend calls it “art-ing” and the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi call it a “state of flow.” This occurs when we become completely absorbed into a task.” 

This workshop allows participants to set aside the worry about “craft” and “talent” that occurs around working “from scratch” by using collage methods—cutting up and creating new compositions from already existing imagery. There is room for drawing, painting and even sculpting, if participants wish to do so. However, the emphasis is unique for this artform with the focus on juxtaposition, accident, combinations, serendipity. 

The overall objective of this workshop is to increase the presence of artistic contemplation in the lives of the participants. This, in turn, can encourage new insights, growth, peace, and energy. The facilitator provides the environment, guidance and materials that will encourage participants to reach a state of flow in creating meaningful art objects. Participants learn the value of “centering” and setting intention, of reflection both individually and socially, and of closure and open-ended “conclusions.”  The process blends curricular learning theory, psychoanalytic theory, arts-based research approaches and meditation traditions.

30 years of social work, organizational leadership, educational scholarship and teaching inform Julia’s mature creative “madness.”  To wit, it is grand to explore—no holds barred—the creative edges but when working with others there is a responsibility to make this process safe and encouraging. There is also a responsibility to have a process that challenges the participant to grow and explore.  This growth and exploration is especially full of juicy joy and deep, gentle insights if it affects the participant both individually and socially. Julia’s doctoral study (PhD in Curriculum Studies) focuses on arts-based learning and research working with social, professional and psychological identities.

This is an activity that Julia has done with children and adults of all genders. It is especially fun for people who have done a bit of collaging or other art before.  It can be astounding for people who love beauty but never saw themselves as “artists.


This workshop takes place over 2 days. Each day is 3 hours long.

Cost/Participant – $65.00 + tax = 74.75

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER, VISIT THE WORKSHOP PAGE HERE…http://hmsnonesuch.com/workshops-seminars-conferences/learn/all-mixed-up/


This week’s Nonesuch Coffee Talks: Publishing, Chiropractic, Gems & Minerals – a Billion Dollar Business, and Full Bore Mystic in residence

Tracy Coffee TalkingTuesday, June 9             Clare Christie – Book Talk                                                    Retired teacher and lawyer and now author of several volumes and columnist for the Amherst News, Clare Christie talks about writing and publishing and explores some of the differences between self-publishing and being professionally published.

Wednesday, June 10            Mary-Irene Parker – Chiropractic in Canada           Chiropractor Mary-Irene Parker talks about the state of chiropractic in Canada; including history; education; research and development, and relationships within the health care world.

Thursday, June 11    Hans Durstling  – Gems and Minerals on the World Scale, A Billion Dollar Business and its Potential for Parrsboro  Moncton based gemcutter and jewellery maker Hans Durstling has taught at the Tucson Show and visited and researched Idar-Oberstein several times. In this talk, he’ll give a first hand account of both locations, and point out some possibilities that their development may hold for Parrsboro.

In a picturesque region of forests and castles and valleys and vineyards in Southwestern Germany not far from Luxembourg lies the legendary gem town of Idar Oberstein. With a population of some 30 to 40 thousand, it’s approximately the size of Fredericton New Brunswick. The hills around are Permian age basalt lava containing abundant nodules of agate. Just like the basalt of the Bay of Fundy. Very early the agate began to be processed. The first documented mention of an agate mine in Idar Oberstein dates back to 1354, more than 800 years ago. By a process of natural growth, the initial industry of polished stone attracted goldsmiths, tool-makers, import-and-export businesses, diamond cutters, carvers. Today, the concentration of stone related businesses is downright breathtaking: there may be a thousand or more separate businesses dealing in one aspect or another of precious and ornamental stone.
The Tucson "Electric Park Show", 2006

The Tucson “Electric Park Show”, 2006

While Idar-Oberstein is permanent, in Tucson Arizona the activity is packed into the three weeks of the “Tucson Show” in late January early February. During that time, Tucson is to the world of gems and minerals what Paris is to fashion. Hotel prices triple during the three weeks of the Show, which today is by a very large margin the world’s largest mineral and gem exposition. Its economic benefit to the City of Tucson has been estimated to be in the hundred million dollar range. Here again, just as in Idar Oberstein, Tucson’s present status as the number one exposition was not planned, but grew naturally, over decades, step by step.

Friday June 12        Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds  - in residence Artist’s Talk Full Bore Mystic, Indiana artists Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds, will be in residence at Main & Station for the month of June.