2017 MUSIC, POETRY, ARTIST TALKS, AND OTHER PERFORMANCES Wednesday MAY 10, 7:30pm  ~  Artist Talk with Carlos Gomez Tuesday JUNE 6, 8:00pm ~  TWO VOICES - Featured Poets: Conrad Byers and Gabe Braunstein. Open mic to follow. Saturday JUNE 10, 8pm ~ WAZOO Blues Band Wednesday JUNE 28, … Continue reading

Artist in residence: Judith Appleton

    Wednesday JUNE 28, 7:30pm ~   Artist Talk with Judith Appleton Thursday JUNE 29 from 1:30 to 3pm ~  Cut & Paste Fun, a workshop with Judith Appleton. REGISTER NOW…http://hmsnonesuch.com/cut-paste-fun/ WHO Who am I? A hard worker. A traveller, yet a … Continue reading