In Residence : Joel Jansa & Tati Gaia

We are proud to have reknowned nomads Joel Jansa & Tati Gaia at Main & Station as Nonesuch Residents since November 2015.

Joel is from Barcelona. He is a Physicist, Comedian, Peanut Butter Cookie Lover, and Didgeridoo & Violin player.  Sometimes he also make crazy music with every other instrument around. Tatiana is a Graphic Designer, Tattoo Artist, practitioner of Slack-Line, and Tapioca Queen. Both are passionate about the planet we share and treating it gently.

Joel 120

We have a collective movement with a mutual empowerment focus that aims to foster and promote the sustainability and overall health of both people and the planet.
We are focused to share the alternatives on self-reliance, in holistic health, responsible consciousness and environmental awareness. With the conviction that another world is possible, we want to contribute to the increasing shift of positive values. We encourage the reflection of our habits and daily choices with real examples.Tatiana pedals
The information of ancestral and modern knowledge, technology, projects and people with an attitude demonstrating that living sustainably is indeed possible, and is already a reality, here and now!

They spent 5 months exploring the Amazon River on a raft that they built from found objects. The raft was bicycle driven. Continue reading

New In The Neighbourhood, Schwinghamer and Zdansky


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We are proud to congratulate Jane Zdansky and John Schwinghamer in the purchase of a 200 year old heritage building on Brier Island. Jane and John have been among our biggest supporters at Main & Station. Jane will paint & sculpt , John will write and take over janitorial duties. They have taken the responsibility of saving this beautiful structure from the ravages of time. This our first success at helping an artist and an economist to resettle in Nova Scotia, and save another iconic heritage building. We welcome their continued association with us and we expect to do lots of good things with them.  Our next project together will be announced around solstice time.

Jane’s work,, (paintings and sculpture) can be seen at Main & Station, John’s book, Purple Chips, is available at the book shop next to the cafe.

PWR Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser at BlackRock Bistro

Who is a “Refugee”? 

“A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence”.

Next Saturday, 12 December from 4:30 pm -8 pm at the BlackRock Bistro, a PARRSBORO WELCOMES REFUGEES spaghetti supper fundraiser!

Vegetarian and gluten-free options available on request.

Tickets are $15 each.

Email or message us on Facebook to reserve yours now.

You can also pick your tickets up at Main & Station (Parrsboro’s old Post Office) or from Nancy Curleigh, Uli Rockenbauer, Irene Taylor, Judith Bauer, or another of our many group members.

For more information about PWR and for how to make your donation, please read below.

PWR Spaghetti_at_BlackRock_poster


A group of concerned Parrsboro citizens have formed a committee named “Parrsboro Welcomes Refugees”.  We will be privately sponsoring a refugee family of four.  Our family will have been previously screened by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and the Government of Canada.  Most people are both well informed and aware of the stressful situation in the Middle East and Syria.  The Federal Government has promised to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this year.  We are eager to assist in reaching this goal.

Canada is the only country in the world to allow private sponsorship.  Sponsoring a refugee family is a concrete way to respond to the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II.  The Federal Government’s Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the organization Immigration Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), assume overall responsibility and liability for the management of sponsorship.  Our committee will be working closely and jointly with ISANS.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be responsible for a rigorous security screening.  Our group is responsible for housing, food, clothing, local transportation and other basic necessities of life for the first year.  By then they are assumed to be basically independent.

Keep an eye on both the fundraiser page and our Facebook page ( for more information about refugees and other groups working to help these desperate families and children!

We have set up an online fundraiser under and to date we have raised over $7,000.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to respond to your questions or concerns.  Tax receipts will be issued by ISANS in the year 2016 for all financial donations over $20.

Please open your hearts and be willing to help.


The Planet Is Our Home – A Global Climate March Event!


Come on out and celebrate this beautiful blue marble we call home!

When: Sunday, 29 November, 2015 beginning at 1 pm

Where: Main & Station, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro, NS B0M 1S0 (Parrsboro’s Old Post Office)

What: Bring Your Friends, Family, Instruments, Placards, Drums & Casseroles.  Dress Up In Your Finest or Silliest or Come As You Are.  Make A Speech or Sing or Dance or join in some Ceremonial Drumming, Tell A Story or Read A Poem (or Write One Here), Parade Up and Down Main Street, and Stroll Down to the Water to Throw In A Stone and Make A Wish for a Healthier, Happier Home!

This event is part of the Global Climate March. On November 30th, world leaders meet in Paris to start negotiating the next global climate deal. That’s why, the day before, people around the world will take to the streets and push leaders at every level of government to commit to 100% clean energy. Together, we can push the world towards a climate deal that gets us off dirty energy and unleashes clean energy for all. 

Let’s make history !

For more information visit the Avaaz website…

If you are not going to be in Parrsboro on 29 November but would like to attend a Global Climate March event,  there are currently 2320 events planned worldwide… go here to find an event near you…

This week’s Nonesuch Coffee Talks: Publishing, Chiropractic, Gems & Minerals – a Billion Dollar Business, and Full Bore Mystic in residence

Tracy Coffee TalkingTuesday, June 9             Clare Christie – Book Talk                                                    Retired teacher and lawyer and now author of several volumes and columnist for the Amherst News, Clare Christie talks about writing and publishing and explores some of the differences between self-publishing and being professionally published.

Wednesday, June 10            Mary-Irene Parker – Chiropractic in Canada           Chiropractor Mary-Irene Parker talks about the state of chiropractic in Canada; including history; education; research and development, and relationships within the health care world.

Thursday, June 11    Hans Durstling  – Gems and Minerals on the World Scale, A Billion Dollar Business and its Potential for Parrsboro  Moncton based gemcutter and jewellery maker Hans Durstling has taught at the Tucson Show and visited and researched Idar-Oberstein several times. In this talk, he’ll give a first hand account of both locations, and point out some possibilities that their development may hold for Parrsboro.

In a picturesque region of forests and castles and valleys and vineyards in Southwestern Germany not far from Luxembourg lies the legendary gem town of Idar Oberstein. With a population of some 30 to 40 thousand, it’s approximately the size of Fredericton New Brunswick. The hills around are Permian age basalt lava containing abundant nodules of agate. Just like the basalt of the Bay of Fundy. Very early the agate began to be processed. The first documented mention of an agate mine in Idar Oberstein dates back to 1354, more than 800 years ago. By a process of natural growth, the initial industry of polished stone attracted goldsmiths, tool-makers, import-and-export businesses, diamond cutters, carvers. Today, the concentration of stone related businesses is downright breathtaking: there may be a thousand or more separate businesses dealing in one aspect or another of precious and ornamental stone.
The Tucson "Electric Park Show", 2006

The Tucson “Electric Park Show”, 2006

While Idar-Oberstein is permanent, in Tucson Arizona the activity is packed into the three weeks of the “Tucson Show” in late January early February. During that time, Tucson is to the world of gems and minerals what Paris is to fashion. Hotel prices triple during the three weeks of the Show, which today is by a very large margin the world’s largest mineral and gem exposition. Its economic benefit to the City of Tucson has been estimated to be in the hundred million dollar range. Here again, just as in Idar Oberstein, Tucson’s present status as the number one exposition was not planned, but grew naturally, over decades, step by step.

Friday June 12        Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds  - in residence Artist’s Talk Full Bore Mystic, Indiana artists Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds, will be in residence at Main & Station for the month of June.