Lots happening on Saturday, 14 July…

The 14th will be a busy day at Main & Station… there will be Life Drawing in the morning, a reading by Richard Dittami at 4pm, a terrific writing workshop with Diane Jutras (participate and you might even see your work published) from 6pm to 9pm, and an exhibition opening of work by Carlos Gomez (details to come)…

NAOPA 2017 Award Recipients & A Special Mention

Main & Station Nonesuch, le Corridor culturel de Griffintown, & Techno-Lith Ltée
présentent / present

Les lauréats des prix Nonesuch pour les arts papier 2017 

The recipients of the 2017 Nonesuch Art of Paper Awards

Il y a six (6) prix: quatre (4) prix choisis par le jury et deux (2) prix du public choisis par le vote des visiteurs lors des expositions de Parrsboro et de Montréal.There are six (6) awards : four (4) selected by jury and two (2) people’s choice awards selected by visitor voting during the Parrsboro and Montreal exhibitions.Le prix Nonesuch est de $5,000 plus une résidence de 3 semaines à Main & Station (Nonesuch Art Centre) à Parrsboro, Nouvelle-Écosse. Le prix est décerné à Book of Nineteen Nocturnes de Jim Holyoak.


Jim Holyoak

The Nonesuch Award is 5000 dollars plus a 3-week residency at Main & Station (Nonesuch Art Centre) in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The award goes to Continue reading