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The latest happening in the third floor loft is #boxtape, a Peter Trosztmer social investigation that implicates Sonya Stefan, Elinor Fueter, Marie-Claire Forté, Jeremy GordaneerThea Patterson, Lois Brown. Nathan Yaffe, Winnie Ho, Sigrid Patterson, Elise Vanderborght, and many many others.

Check out Peter’s page about it here https://ptrosz.wordpress.com/3rd-fl-project/ and share your own photos, videos, and thoughts about #boxtape by using the tag #boxtape.

Here are a few photos from our venture into the web…









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Poetry at the PO – les mardis poétiques

Beginning on Tuesday, July 8th, poetry evenings at Main & Station.

Do you read, write or listen to poetry?

Join us on tuesdays for an evening of poetry read and performed live at Main & Station.

Come just to listen.

Read or perform your work.

Read or perform someone else’s work that you happen to like.

The evening will begin at 7:30pm.

For more information, please contact judith or harvey at fun@hmsnonesuch.com