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i was born in Montreal and, apart from a 10 year stint in Ontario, have lived most of my life there. Black rock webThough it was not until my forties that i finally made it here, i long had a wish to move to Nova Scotia and for a time in the early 1990s would regularly search out and contact Nova Scotia realtors and then spend hours daydreaming over the fat envelopes of property listings that came in the mail. It wasn’t until 2010 that i visited for the first time. A crazy 5 day drive from Montreal, around the southern peninsula, swerving inland to barely graze the majestic Bay, and back to Montreal. Though i wrote only one postcard and put the wrong address, i did jot it down before sending.

Nova Scotia postcard

(to Esther & Harvey)

highway driving and 10,000 songs

lunch in Moncton and lost eyeglasses

cheap motels, overly hübsch b&bs

and no pets allowed

looking for the firehall

a clump of trees

chanterelles, boletes, sweet tooth and ice cream cones

harbour tours, hunt camp and outhouses

lost in the dark, muddy feet

and the sun

setting over Fundy Bay

at low tide



Since 2012, i have been dividing my time between Parrsboro and Montreal. When i am not out foraging in the forest or painting in a field, i am often to be found at Main & Station Nonesuch Kickshaws.

mushrooms   Oysters

Decay   Boletes and puffballs and bears oh my

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