member:  PEN International (Toronto) and PEN Quebec
                       (print) Poots Tawking, 2007, a chapbook of poetry and poetics with John Barlow,                         Jamie Reid, Harold Rhenisch, Jo Arnott, Rose de Shaw, Kemeny Babineau, Jenny                         Sampirisi, Greg Betts, Max Middle, Richard Rathwell and others. (pubs. Laurel Reed                     and Galerie Harwood)


(ed & agent) Tim and Dorothy,  by Richard Rathwell, pub. General Store, Ont.

(ed & pub) “The Longest Day”, 2011 a chapbook of poetry by J. Barlow, shortlisted for bp nichols chapbook award

(ed) The Golden Lining, poems by Elizabeth D’Ambrosio, pub. broken rules, Qc. 2013

(ed & pub) Wings, poems by Francis Piché, 2014


poetry  co-ordinator:  Greenwood poets, Hudson, Qc., 2007-2013


Simon Kevan lectures (incl. non-poetry), John Abbott College,1993 – 2012

Storyfest, Hudson, 2008 – present


Poetry publications as Czandra


This side uP”, broken rules and sitting duck presses (Mtl), 2011, chapbook of assorted poems


“a few words”, MCInternational (Mtl), 2014, chapbook


radish – a singularity,” obvious epiphanies press (Van.), 2014  my favorite




poems in magazines such as:  Antigonish Review, Cahoots (on-line), Red Lights (US), Kokako (New

Zealand); Twigs & Leaves chapbook series (annually 2008 to present), Literal World (2007-2012 annually), (now archived, ed. Sam Hamill); Tongue (Babineau);  NoD (U. Calgary)


essays include “Pines & Apples” on poetsagainstthewar, 2011, possibly my proudest achievement before “radish”, because it was alongside, same page as, Adrienne Rich and Mahmoud Darwish (before he died).  A reminiscence about John Asfour was published at in Feb. 2015.


poems in anthologies such as: Air (ed. Pearl Pirie, 2012); Les cahiers de Val David (ed. Flavia Cosma,

2014); Cross-currents (ed.Tracy Heinlein, WCCHA, Washington State, 2005);Ginko walk (ed. Mike

Montreuil, 2014); tanka (ed. Angela Leuck, up-coming); Bark (ed. Erika White and Ralph deSmit, 2009);

minimals (ed. Michael Casteels, 2013); Griffintown Nuits Blanches at the Gasworks;, Sept, 2013 (this was a biggie, international, included Judith Copithorne and Adeena Karasick);

one and only prize:  WCCHA poetry prize 2005


readings:  Ottawa Versefest & Susquatch Reading Series; Visual Arts Centre & Yellow Door;  Rigaud & St.

Lazare Libraries; street corners;  mountain pergolas; Twigs Café;  Hugh Hazelton’s Palabra en el Mundo;

Culture en Eveil (Vaudreuil), Storyfest Hudson.  I love to read aloud.


recordings:   Alan Siliman, “Albany” (for PennSound) ;  John Ashbery, “He”  (for PennSound) ;  Michael Ondaatje, The Cat’s Table, full book (for the late John Asfour)

many of my own poems recorded by Gary Townsend at Twigs Café and Griffintown Nuits Blanches, and included on CD with the Twigs annual chapbook


citation: Susan McMaster cited my anti-war writing in her memoir From the Gargoyle`s Left Ear (Black Moss, 2012)

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