WILD PAPER ~ On The Beach & The Wild Paper Pickers

Deep in a marsh in the Minas Basin in Nova Scotia, the wild paper pickers go about their arcane rituals, pulling pond scum and wild paper from the marsh and giving it away to be turned into art.

What are these veteran paper finders up to? What is Wild Paper?

Find out at the vernissage / opening on 3 June between 2 and 8pm where you can meet  Ian Ferrier and Judith Bauer.  The exhibition remains open until 30 June 2018.


Wild Paper_On The Beach_2018_w

Photos from the 2017 Nonesuch Art of Paper Exhibition in Montreal


Louise Campbell, Ian Ferrier, and Moe Clark playing at the exhibition opening



A few pics from the Vernissage on 2 December…


Some photos of the NAOPA 2017 exhibition in Montreal…

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