A Literary Feast with George and Cora-Lee



FEAL 2018 and Main & Station Nonesuch


A Dancing River Sprite Frolicking Feast

on 22 December, 2018 beginning at 7pm in the Nonesuch Café

 dancing spriteThe creation of chef George Smith and Cora-Lee Eisses-Smith, the Dancing River Sprite Frolicking Feasts are six-course literary feasts that occur on mostly the last weekend of every month in Middle River, Cape Breton.

Occasionally George and Cora-Lee also hit the road for pop-up appearances and we are delighted that the pair will be offering a feast in Parrsboro for the first time this December as part of FEAL, the festival of erotic arts & literature.



Chef George will prepare a six-course menu* based on what is locally available as well as food references found in a work of literature chosen by Cora-Lee, who will perform costumed readings from the book with each course.

Described by The Guardian as “a deep sensual plunge, a worship of the body, inside and out“, the work Cora-Lee has selected for us is Jeanette Winterson’s fourth novel Written On The Body.  Published in 1992, the New York Times Book Review described it as “an ambitious work, at once a love story and a philosophical meditation on the body… a work that is consistently revelatory about the phenomenon of love“.

Chef George will also talk about how he prepared the food, where he sourced the ingredients, and many other tangents of curiosity and nonsense.

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Remuneration of your own discretion, and if you wish to drink wine with your meal, please feel free to bring your own.

Space is limited and reservations are required.  To reserve and if you have any questions please contact us at fun@hmsnonesuch.com .



 * Please note: Our café is strictly vegetarian (ovolacto) and the Literary Feast will be as well.  The menu will not be published ahead of time but allergies and other food restrictions will be accommodated provided we are informed at the time of booking.

CHILEAN NIGHT at the Nonesuch Café


On Friday, 11 May at 7pm please join Diego Gomez & Patricia Catalán for a Chilean Supper Party (menu below). In addition to preparing our supper, Pati & Diego will introduce us to some of their favourite Chilean music and tell us something about their country.

If you speak Spanish and want some practice, this is a good opportunity. If you do not speak Spanish, you will probably have learned a few useful words by the end of the evening.

The cost per person is $25.   There will be a set menu and a single seating.  The menu is below.  When making your reservation, please let us know if you have any food restrictions and we will try to accommodate.

Space is limited so reserve now!  To reserve your place, contact us http://hmsnonesuch.com/contact/ and provide the following information:  your name, how many will attend, if any of your party have food allergies or other restrictions, and a contact email and telephone number.


Le vendredi 11 mai à 19h, vous êtes invité par Diego Gomez et Patricia Catalán pour un repas chilien. En plus de préparer notre souper, Pati & Diego nous présenteront quelques unes de leurs musiques chiliennes préférées et nous parleront un peu de leur pays. Si vous parlez espagnol et que vous voulez de la pratique, c’est une bonne opportunité. Si vous ne parlez pas espagnol, vous aurez probablement appris quelques mots utiles avant la fin de la soirée.

Le prix est de 25 $ chacun.    Il y aura un seul menu et une service unique. Le menu est ci-dessous. Lorsque vous faites la réservation, svp laissez-nous savoir si vous avez des restrictions alimentaires et nous allons essayer d’accommoder.

L’espace est limité alors réservez maintenant! Pour réserver, contactez-nous http://hmsnonesuch.com/contact/ et fournissez les informations suivantes: votre nom, le nombre de personnes dans votre groupe, si quelqu’un de votre groupe a des allergies alimentaires ou d’autres restrictions, et un e-mail de contact et un numéro de téléphone.



***To Begin***

Squash Sopaipillas 

Empanadas stuffed with cheese and mushrooms or spinach
*** The Main Course***
Charquicán, a stew of potatoes, squash, onion, vegetables and seaweed (the fried egg on top is optional)
Lentejas (lentils), they go with rice, quinoa, carrots, onions, garlic and they can have an optional fried egg as well
*** Dessert***
Calzones rotos  &  Pie de Limón
Coffee or tea
calzones rotos

A Vegan Supper Party

We are delighted to announce an opportunity to meet Sydney Humble and Dylan Nickolet and to sample their culinary creations…

Both from Saskatoon, the young couple are avid explorers who spent last winter travelling the world.  This year they have chosen to travel around their own country and drove here at the beginning of the month in order to spend a few months in Parrsboro before going to Montreal where Sydney will be commencing a program of study at Concordia University in January.  A visual artist, Dylan is making good use fo his time here to draw and create every day. He has also worked several years in kitchens and loves creating and cooking wholesome food for himself and loved ones.

Join us on Sunday 22 October at 5pm in the Nonesuch Café.

The cost is $12 per person and reservations are required.  You can reserve by email at fun@hmsnonesuch.com or by telephone at 514-979-3978.

Vegan Supper_oct2017