Papier-Mache workshop: Create a spirit mask to accompany the Cosmic Canoe

WHEN: Saturday, 27 August, 10am – 12 pm 

WHERE: The Nonesuch Centre (the former United Church), 171 Queen Street, Parrsboro 

COURSE FEE: By Donation

REGISTRATION: To sign up email [email protected]

As far back as 200 BCE in China, human beings have been creating sculptural objects through the technique of papier-mache. That technique of using simple means – paper, fabric or fibers mixed into glue, flour or rice paste – has endured throughout history, from across continents in Eurasia to South America, and continues today to be used to create art and craft objects.

A common thread that unites human beings across civilizations is the creation of ceremonial masks for special occasions and celebrations. Human beings have mused about the afterlife and a desire to commune with the realm of spirits since time immemorial. In some cultures, ceremonial masks are believed to act as mediators between the human and the spiritual world.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a mask made using the traditional technique of papier-mache and common household objects.

More specifically, in anticipation of the upcoming collaborative art exhibition, Bang Goes the Cosmic Canoe! by LA LA Art (Tina Lam and Mark Andrews), you will have the chance to donate a “spirit mask” of your creation to be integrated into a larger sculptural installation on view starting September 3rd, 2022.

The installation will be held at the Main and Station secondfloor Gallery (2nd Floor of the old Customs and Post Office Building). An opening reception with live performance will take place from 6-8PM, Saturday September 3rd in presence of the artists. See here for more information…