The Jury Process




The Nonesuch Art Of Paper Awards uses the following process:

  1. Each entry will be screened by the Organizers to ensure that Conditions of Entry are met. Entries that do not comply with the requirements stated in the Conditions of Entry and Submission Guidelines will not be considered.
  2. Finalists will be chosen from the eligible or short-listed entries.
  3. Four (4) award winners will be selected by jury and two (2) award winners will be selected by public vote.

PIS on the sandbar at Black Rock

The jury will make a first selection of approximately 50 works from digital images / printed photographs only and neither the years of creation nor the names, addresses or other identifying information from the submissions will be disclosed to the jury during the selection of finalists.

Entrants will be informed of pre-selection results before 15 July 2017. The list of exhibition Finalists will be published on this website and all finalists will be notified directly by email, telephone, or post.

Inclusion in the exhibitions is at the jurors’ discretion and their decision is final and without appeal.  The selected finalists will be required to send or deliver the original work to Main & Station for an in-situ presentation to the jury and public exhibitions.

Except for the Wellington Church Awards (People’s Choice), award recipients are selected by the jury after they have seen the works in situ, at which time they will learn the years the works were created, the names of the artists and their countries of residence.

The winners of the Wellington Church Awards will be determined by public vote during the finalist exhibitions.

All award winners will be announced by personal contact and the names will be posted on the website.


Jury Guidelines

The selection of the submitted artworks will be made by a jury composed of 5 members.

The jurors must declare any interest they have in submitted entries to the Organizers. Conflicts of interest will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions about the adjudication process, please email: [email protected]


Download the entry form here… NAOPA-Submissions-Form-2017 (pdf) or NAOPA-Submissions-Form-2017 (doc)


2015-06-25 19.41.05

Ocean, Mark Beebe