2016 Finalists



The print catalogue of the 2016 Nonesuch Art On Paper Awards finalist exhibitions is available for purchase and all proceeds go toward supporting the Nonesuch Awards & Residencies.  If you would like to order a catalogue, please contact us at [email protected].

This 70 page book includes some background about Main & Station and the Nonesuch Awards as well as photographs and a short description of each artwork accepted for the exhibitions.



Le catalogue de l’exposition des finalistes pour le 2016 Nonesuch Art On Paper Awards est disponible pour l’achat et tous les profits sont destinés à soutenir les prix et residences Nonesuch.

Si vous souhaitez commander un catalogue, SVP nous contacter à [email protected]. Cette 70 page livre comprend des renseignements généraux à propos de Main & Station et les prix Nonesuch ainsi que des photographies et une courte description de chaque œuvre acceptée pour les expositions.

Prix /Price : $ 30 CAD (+ taxes + livraison/shipping)



A-3 II, 2016: Richard Hricko, USA. Copperplate Photogravure on Somerset Satin. 51 x 38cm $700

And then a Pearl, 2015: Marie José Gustave, QC. Canada. Knitting, crochet: paper thread, hemp. 135 x 30 x 8cm $1,000

As the wind whispered through us, 2016: Sarah Beth Goncarova, USA. Interactive installation / environment: Paper, cherry, sensors, motors (fans), LEDs, soundscape. 760 x 760 x 370cm $12,000

Bay of Fundy, 2015: Janet Hendershot, ON. Canada. Charcoal/graphite on paper mounted on panel. 30.5 x 30.5cm $400

Between, 2015: Susanne Strater, QC. Canada. Pastel. 46 x 51cm $500

Beyond Scylla and Charybdis 2, 2015: Adam Czech, Poland. Algraph, 5/10. 70 x 100cm $600

Black Widow At A Funeral, 2015: Wade Goring, Australia. Ink print and acrylic on parchment. 21 x 30cm $400

Boteh, 2015: Andrew Stone, Japanese wood block (moku hanga). 25 x 33cm $475

Chaotic Compassion, 2015: Charlotte Greenwood, QC. Canada. Pencil on paper. 28 x 36cm $1,100

Cocktail, 2012: Carlos Gomez, NS. Canada. Etching and Drypoint (Edition of 11 prints). 35 x 60cm $1,000

Colour Fantasy, 2010: Rey Baecher, QC. Canada.  Soft pastel on mat board. 72 x 72cm  $1,800

Creative String Theory, 2015: Lori St. Clair, ON. Canada. Micron black pens on Bristol Vellum, Copic marker for shading, foam core used for mounting up 2 tiers. 23 x 34.5cm $1,995

Death Of The Seamstress, 2016: Rose-Marie Kossowan, BC, Canada. Painted collage, acrylic paint and medium, charcoal, tissue sewing patterns on rag paper. 53 x 36cm $800

Dîner Chez Les Blanks, 2016: Martine Bertrand, QC. Canada. Acrylic on Kraft paper. 91.5 x 117cm $1,600

Drawn to Dogs, 2016: Krista Wells, NS. Canada. Book binding, drawing, writing: paper, glue, tape, ink pen, graphite pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour.  19 x 13cm $750

Éruption, 2015: Diane Fournier, QC. Canada. Acrylic on 140lb paper. 38 x 53cm $275

Fallen Angel, 2015: Yoshimasa Tsuruta, Japan. Only fold one uncut square paper.  21 x 11 x 36 mm  $850

Filigrana #2, 2016: Maritza Granados-Manjarrés, Argentine. Cut and folded paper. 107 x 74 x 51cm  $300

Fishing Net, 2016: Diane Jutras, QC. Canada. Mixed Media (Etching, digital photography, and sewed thread). 59 x 38cm $800

Flake Out, 2012: Gerry Dotto, AB, Canada. Relief print (letterpress), hand cut and folded, with indenting, crumpled edge, hand-colouring, paper, glue, small torn pieces of unrefined card stock. 36 x 27cm $750

Foursome, 2015: Enda Bardell. BC. Canada. Watercolour on 140 lb cold press paper. 28cm x 35.5cm  $450

From Away – Full Bore Mystic at the Minas Basin, 2016: Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds Beebe, USA. 26 page book: Paper & ink. Photographs, poetry, and text documenting an artist’s residency and installation in Parrsboro. 20 x 15cm  $45

Inshore Echoes, 2015: Ilka Bauer, BC. Canada. 2 panels: Pencil on paper. 91.44cm x 61cm $1,750

Interrupt, 2015: Douglas Bosely, USA. Mezzotint. 20 x 25.5cm $350

Iris: Susan Paterson, NS. Canada. Graphite & White Conté on toned paper. 20 x 19cm $500

It was hot, very hot!, 2014: Ilkay Unay-Gailhard, Germany.  Woodcut oil print. 50 x 70cm $114

Just Ask Our Sales Rep…(He Knows Everything), 1991: Jackie Rae Wloski, QC. Canada. Photo-etching on printing paper, plus china markers.  Edition of 15 x 41cm $550

LD_13_C_001, 2013: Morton Rosengarten, QC. Canada. Comb drawing: ink on paper. 38 x 60cm  $3,100

Lesson #1, 2016: Karen Trask, QC. Canada. Paper and pencils. 47 x 44 x 9cm $800

Lifeline 5, 2014/15: Kay Stanfield, NS. Canada. Handmade linen and abaca paper, inclusions of linen workshirts, found materials, collage papers: woven abaca, bamboo, gampi, watercolour, wax, linen threads, ink. 146 x 58cm$1000

Mad Hatter’s Tea Table, 2014: Lori St. Clair, ON. Canada. Paper pulp created from newspapers: cardboard, pigment spray paint, lace, steampunk gear, cords, feathers, resin for top, and coins. 62 x 51 x 36cm $1200

Malting Dream IV (The Garden), 2001: Dani Hausmann, QC. Canada. Silver based photography, archival inkjet print. 69 x 69cm $1,800

Mapping the Dancer, 2016: Jeremy Gordaneer, QC. Canada. Drawing/performance: Charcoal and paper on paper. 120 x 150cm $1,200



Minas Matter: A Deconstruction / Reconstruction of Landscape, 2016: Jessica Slipp, QC. Canada. Colour film photography, hand-folded paper, Inkjet print on paper, cardstock, glue, collected sand. Full Installation = 180 x 180cm  $1000

Mother’s Sublimation, 2016: Gènevre Becker. Australia. Sculpture with lighting. Paper maché, 300gsm paper, polypropylene, balsa, acrylic mediums, oil pastel, ply board, LED lights. 38 x 14 x 38cm $800

Moving Paper 7, 2014: Traudel Stahl, Germany. Hand drawn paper stretched over wicker. 54 x 36 x 50cm $910

My Parents’ Back Door, 2016: Sara McKarney, AB. Canada. Frottage & ink drawing on folded paper sculpture, heat sensitive paper and ink. 203 x 76 x 6.4cm  $2,800

Na-no-body, 2016: Stephanie Coleman, QC. Canada. India ink on watercolour paper, LED circuits.183 x 168cm $8,000, also available by commission in smaller or larger formats.

Nature vs Nurture, 2014: Nathan Bartley. QC. Canada. Painting: Mixed medium on paper. 51 x 71cm $2,000

Nectar, 2015: Nancy Agati, USA. Wasps’ nest on paper with India ink drawing, pages sewn. 323 x 226cm  $3600

Neonicotinoid, 2015: Jennifer Kathleen Morris Cormier, NS. Canada Charcoal, ink, and gesso. 114 x 114cm $500

no title, 2014: Helene de Winter, The Netherlands. Charcoal & graphite on paper. 300 x 300cm $5,000

Ojigwanung in the Throat of the Celestial Cauldron, 2015: Mark Andrews. QC. Canada. Multi-media drawing in beeswax, graphite stick, dried pigments, oils, graphite, incisions, on etching paper. 132 x 220cm $5,000

Paper Bark, 2015: Frankie Macaulay, NS, Canada. Digital photography, inkjet print. 34 x 16cm $250

PaperBridge, 2015: Steve Messam, UK. 22,000 sheets of paper under compression creating a self-supporting arch over a mountain beck. ~ 4m x 2m x 1m  Available by commission.

Peggy’s Cove, 2015: Rhonda Barrett. NS. Canada. Newspaper and glue on stretched canvas. 30.5 x 61cm $800

Play, 2013: Eva Toth, NS. Canada. Mixed media. 46 X 56cm $400

Promise and Threat (Terror Comes After Territory), 2016: Todd Bartel. USA. Burnished puzzle-piece collage in artist-made frame. 19th century book end pages, book engraving (View in the Valley of the Mohawk, James Duthie, c. 1870), 20th century map graticules, gummed star labels (recto), stamps (verso), Xerographic prints on antique end pages, Xerographic transfers, watercolour, graphite, tape, glue. 37 x 64cm $8,000

Quilt #4, 2015: Tirtsa Valentine, Israel. Eco print, embroidery.  Cotton paper, threads, pomegranate branch. 77 x 112cm $800

Reflections, 2014: Alyson Champ, QC. Canada. Acrylic and paper collage on wooden panel. 61 x 61cm $1,150

Remaking the World, 2016: Karen Trask, QC. Canada. All the pages from the Larousse Family Atlas spun into a paper thread and wound into a ball. 20 x 20 x 20cm $1,000

Roadside Weeds 1, 2, and 3, 2011  : Liz Jeneid, Australia. Ink on shellacked tracing paper. 119 x 140 cm $900

Rooster, 2016: Yoshimasa Tsuruta, Japan. Only fold one uncut square paper.  28 x 15 x 36 mm  $850

Sam’s World, 2016: Martine Bertrand, QC. Canada. Encre de Chine & graphite. 42 x 33cm $800

“Sen o wielorybie” (Dream about whale), 2016: Aleksandra Bury, Poland. Aquatint. 100 x 70cm $500

Spring Torment Blue, 2014: Dan MacDonald, NB, Canada. Photographic print, 1/5.  61 x 41cm $1,250

Talking With My Mother. In memory, 2016: Kirsti Grotmol, Norway. Paper sewn together: Handmade paper, strings. 50 x 30 x 18cm  $900

Tear, 2016: Kathy Driscoll & Jane Theau, Australia. Video Artwork https://youtu.be/rcRHr7Q8s_I . 3.27m $3,000

The Book: La TABLE, Francis Ponge, ex. 53/60, 2013: Odette Drapeau, QC. Canada. Book binding: St Armand Paper with polyurethane; Lozenges, interior finishes: St Armand Paper. 31 x 21.3 x 3cm $3,000

The Cambodian Project, 2013: Suzanne Desbiens, QC. Canada. Kobo, Abaca fibres, and mixed media. 125 masks, 21 x 18cm, installed on a surface ~ 200 x 500cm. $3,000

The Playground: Col Mitchell. ON. Canada. Pen and ink on sculpted paper on canvas: Acrylic inks, tiziano, crepe, masa, mulberry, pineapple, bond, and tissue papers on canvas. 92 x 122 x 3.8cm  $8,000

The spirit likes to dress up like this: Ode to Mary Oliver, 2001-2016: Jennifer Kathleen Morris Cormier, NS. Canada.  Conte, charcoal, acrylic paint, and human body detritus on watercolour paper, hung with string on a birch branch. 275 x 183cm $1,800

Three Gables, 2010: Bruce St. Clair, ON. Canada. Watercolour on cold press.100.3 x 63.5cm $12,500

Topographers into the everwhen (from “The Essentialists” series), 2015: Derek Owens, USA. Collage, handmade papers, vintage ephemera. 23.5 x 30.5cm $500

Two Heads, 2016: Sandra Sorensen, NS. Canada. Reclaimed cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines, and packaging scavenged from local businesses; glue, acrylic paint, clear polyurethane. 56 x 53 x 36cm $550

Shroud, 2015: Phil Vanderwall & Irene MacCreadle, ON. Canada. Conté on Drafting Paper. 127 x 188cm  $950

Us and Others I, 2015: Marie José Gustave, QC. Canada. Knitting, crochet: paper thread. 51 x 163 cm x 7cm$1,000

Vessel Form, 2016: Sandra Sorensen, NS. Canada. Reclaimed cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines, and packaging scavenged from local  businesses; glue, acrylic paint, clear polyurethane. 63.5 x 51cm Round $650

Voltage, 2013: Lucia Simone, Italy. Xilograph, Japanese Paper. 70 x 50cm  $430

Wave, 2015: Rhonda Miller, NS. Canada. Traditional Turkish Ebru marbling using acrylic paint on mi-teinte paper. 38 x 50cm $50

Will Be Fine II, 2015: Karol Pomykala, Poland. Linocut. 100cm x 150cm $1000
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