Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.  -Maya Angelou, poet (1928-2014)


We are NOT currently accepting applications to the Nonesuch Residency program.

To propose a workshop or other event, please fill out this form…Main & Station Proposal Form_20-21



Our History

Chloé Beaulac, La nature entre nous / The Nature Between Us

Chloé Beaulac, La nature entre nous / The Nature Between Us

The Nonesuch Residency program, unfounded by Judith Bauer and Harvey Lev, has had various beginnings and is a collaboration between Main & Station, le Corridor Culturel de Griffintown and Techno Lith Ltée through ART en majuscule.

Both the Corridor culturel and ART en majuscule have a history of encouraging and facilitating creative endeavours, providing space and organizing cultural events in the Montreal area.  For more information, visit Corridor culturel de Griffintown and

Main & Station began as a project to save a derelict building in the seaside community of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Although the building is still undergoing some work, in June 2013 Main & Station re-opened the doors that had been closed 43 years earlier and it is now host to a secondhand bookshop, an art gallery, workshops, seminars, community events and Artist residencies.  Since that time we have added other several other buildings to our operation including a former United Church, which is now home to the Nonesuch Centre for Performing Arts & Studios

Main & Station & the Nonesuch Residencies are 100% privately funded. We do not apply for or receive government grants.

Laura Marcos, Fossils installation

Laura Marcos, Fossils installation


The Nonesuch mission is to have fun and to encourage artistic activity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community involvement.

Travel can be quite a stimulus to ideas and creativity. The residency program allows participants the opportunity to work creatively in one or more new environments. Support to the community is via arts programming, seminars, collaborations, small venue presentations, and partnerships.



Residencies are available to established and emerging visual, literary, sound and performance artists as well as philosophers, historians and anyone else whose application is accepted.

The program is open to anyone 18 years of age and older. Criteria for acceptance include curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Facilities may be reserved in advance for groups and workshops.


Nonesuch currently offers residencies in Parrsboro (Nova Scotia).

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Nonesuch Residents in Parrsboro will be offered accommodation in one of the following: the third floor apartment of Main & Station, a room in a ground level 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of town, a bed in a former church, a cottage perched on a cliff overlooking the Minas Basin, or a billett in a private residence.

Main & Station

Main & Station

w_3rd floor loft apt

Main & Station 3rd floor apartment

w_3rd floor loft

3rd floor apartment


w_3rd floor bed under clocktower

3rd floor bed under clocktower

w_3rd floor king bed

3rd floor king bed



Cabin_ Cabin_winter_sundown Cabin_1274Cabin_winter view

Blomidon from cabin_1279Out by the cabin


Cost of Residency

There is a $25 application fee for prospective residents.

If you are accepted, there are residency fees starting at $50/day. Residents who require assistance are encouraged to apply for fellowships, grants and travel allowances.

Artists and writers seeking funding for their Nonesuch Residency from corporations, foundations, government agencies or private sources are invited to contact us for assistance.

Nonesuch is committed to working with cultural organizations and government programs that support creative individuals. We welcome the opportunity to coordinate with other programs, foundations and funding sources.

Big Black Dog

Nonesuch Fellowships

Post Residency Nonesuch Fellowships are available for new projects by successful residents and will be offered without any application process. The Fellowships Nonesuch currently has available are:

  • The Big Black Dog Fellowship for Poets
  • The Main & Station Fellowship for Visual Artists
  • The Dandy Andy Award for Performance Arts
  • The Heini Bauer Fellowship for biological and scientific studies on the Minas Basin
  • The Henning Bauer Fellowship for Music & Sound Art
  • The Ida & Iser Lev Award for studies related to the immigrant experience
  • The Esther Hageman Fellowship for Sculpture & Land Art
  • The Nonesuch Fellowship for Ceramics, Sculpture, and Stonework
  • The rue Ottawa Fellowship for the preservation of Architectural Heritage
  • The Techno-Lith Award for creative paper use

portrait by Dylan Kotansky_web

Also, Black Dog & One-Eyed Press will offer to publish works in conjunction with writers and artists who are associated with Main & Station.

Donors wishing to establish Named Fellowships, offer grants or in-kind services or donate to existing fellowships in support of the Nonesuch Residency Programs are encouraged to email [email protected] or call (514) 979-3978 or write to us at

Main & Station

PO Box 507

168 Main Street

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Canada, B0M 1S0

Work Exchange

The operations of Nonesuch are organized on a cooperative basis. Cleaning is the responsibility of everyone. All residents are expected to participate in everyday maintenance and encouraged to involve themselves in the development of gardens and studios.

Participation in community arts programming is considered a component of the work exchange.  Opportunities in Community Arts Programming range from offering workshops or seminars, providing an art class for youth, exhibiting work in local galleries or in public spaces, outdoor installations and interventions, performances and presentations, and giving poetry or literary readings. When submitting an Application for Residency, please indicate your specific area of interest and provide us with advance notice of the resources you will need to present a Community Arts Programming event.

If you wish to offer workshops, please download and fill out the workshops form…Main & Station Proposal Form_20-21.  Please submit this form as early as possible so that there will be sufficient time to coordinate and promote the workshop. Please note that if a participation fee is charged for your workshop, the fee will be divided between the instructing artist and Main & Station.

If you wish to have an exhibition of work or offer a performance during your residency, include detailed information with your application and we will discuss it with you. Please also note that if work is sold during exhibition or admission is charged for a performance, Main & Station takes a commission.

If you have a Community Arts Programming idea that appears to be outside the range suggested, please send us your proposal… we like new ideas.

Alexis Williams, Drain Spotting

Alexis Williams, Drain Spotting



Where might I find an application?
 We are NOT currently accepting applications to the Nonesuch Residency program..

How do I pay the application fee?  There are several ways to pay application fees – $25 +HST = $28.75:

  • Pay the easy way with an Interac e-Transfer: simply go to your online bank and send an e-transfer to [email protected].
  • If you are paying by cheque, make your cheque payable to Main & Station Ltd.
  • If you are sending a payment by PayPal, please send it to [email protected], otherwise simply mark PayPal on the form or tell us by email when you submit the application and we will email you a PayPal invoice.
  • If you wish to pay by credit card, select PayPal when you enter and we will email you a PayPal invoice. If you are sending your PayPal payment directly, please send it to [email protected].

How is one selected for a residency?
 Completed applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee.

Is there an age requirement?
  Residents must be eighteen years of age or older.

Might I visit the facilities?
 Visits by prospective residents are welcome if arranged in advance.


To what type of people does Nonesuch offer residencies?  
We offer residencies to projects that we feel are creative in any field of endeavour.

Does Nonesuch host residents who are not artists?  Yes. One of our aims is to encourage collaborations and interdisciplinary projects between artists and practitioners of other disciplines; e.g. oral historians, biologists, geologists, philosophers, et cetera. To be considered, an applicant who is not an artist must be open to sharing information and collaborating with resident artists. We look at each application individually; if valuable work can be done over the course of a residency then we will seriously consider the applicant.

How long do residencies last?
  Standard residencies can last from 2 to 4 weeks. It is suggested that residents schedule 1-14th of the month and 15-30 of the month for 2 week residencies and from 1st to 30th of the month for 4 week residencies. Individual residencies may be extended for longer periods under certain circumstances and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Longer term residencies are also available.

Do you accept longer term residents who have not had previous Nonesuch residencies?
  Yes but applicants must complete additional requirements and undergo an interview process, preferably in person. Contact us for more details.

How many artists are at Nonesuch at a given point?  
It depends on the facility and time of year. Our facilities in Quebec vary depending upon the season and the project. Facilities in Parrsboro currently accommodate up to 6 individual residents. Group applications for collaborative projects can also be coordinated.

Are Nonesuch residents allowed to return in subsequent sessions or years?  
We’re happy to host returning residents. Returning residents are asked to submit a new or updated work proposal with each residency application. Returning residents may also be considered for longer term residencies.


Is there any specific creative work requirement for residencies?
  Nonesuch residents are considered to be self-directed and professional. There is no specific creative work requirement but, in general, residents are expected to work on their projects or practice for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

What is expected of Nonesuch residents?
  We strive to strike a balance between solitary work and social interactions. Nonesuch will be happy to work with individuals to develop an informal calendar of activities for residents. We encourage residents to engage with each other and the community. We believe this communication, the sharing of insights and ideas, strengthens the work of everyone, both artists and non-artists, regardless of the type of work produced over the course of the residency. We always appreciate when residents leave creative work with Nonesuch. Past residents have chosen to leave poetry, photographic prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture, and contributions to the Nonesuch collection of kickshaws.

What happens if I need to cancel a residency?  Once you have accepted a residency, we will do our best to organize things so that your stay will be as productive as possible. Cancellations following acceptances are problematic but if an emergency does crop up, please contact us as soon as possible and we will handle it in the best way possible.

Jane Zdansky, Scrapped

Jane Zdansky, Scrapped


What kind of living quarters are provided?
 There are a variety of accommodations ranging from very open and communal to more private. Kitchen facilities are available at all sites. Residents are responsible for keeping accommodations clean, taking out their garbage and compost, doing their own laundry, et cetera

Are laundry facilities available? Depending on the location, a washer & dryer may be available onsite otherwise residents will take their personal laundry to an area laundromat.

What kind of storage space is available?
 Clothes and personal items can be stored in living quarters. Studios are sparsely furnished, and can accommodate short-term materials for works-in-progress. There is also space to store items related to the works-in-progress and there is a possibility for work to be included in a permanent gallery or outdoor location.

What is the policy on spouses, partners and guests?  
If the person is a collaborator, they must fill out a separate application form.

If the person is not a collaborator, include their name, relationship and contact details in the additional information section on your application. Also indicate whether they require their own room.

Someone wishing to stay at a Nonesuch facility who is not an accepted resident may do so provided they reserve ahead of time. There are no fellowships or subsidies available for non-residency visitors.

What is the policy on pets?

Nonesuch is pet-friendly. We have dogs and it is possible to bring your pet provided they are well-behaved and also that their presence will not interfere with yours or anyone else’s work. Please include any information and requests regarding pets in the additional information section on your application.


What kind of studio facilities are provided?
 In Montreal a variety of multi-use studios are available.  As well, depending on your discipline, access to equipped specific use studios may be arranged ahead of time (e.g. ceramics). In Nova Scotia several facilities exist that can be adapted to varying extent depending on need.  A kiln is now onsite along with various other tools and equipment and we are working on acquiring more. Ceramicists are invited to apply for a residency that includes helping to develop the studio and/or teach a ceramics workshop.


What communications are available?  
Nonesuch residencies are located in downtown Montreal and rural Nova Scotia. In Montreal and Nova Scotia wireless internet is available for those with laptop computers. Telephones are available for emergency use. If you wish to bring your own cellular phone, Parrsboro is best served by the following providers: Bell, Virgin, Telus, Koodo. Please respect your fellow residents when using your devices. Devices must be turned off when on the ground floor café unless they are required for a particular performance.

Is there internet or Wifi?  The main building has internet and wifi available for residents use. The cabin does not have internet but access is available a short walk away or in town at our main facility.

What is the policy on smoking?  
Smoking is limited to outdoors & off property. We ask that residents be responsible when disposing of cigarette butts.


What kind of performance and exhibition facilities are available?  In all locations, if it suits the work, participants are encouraged to consider performing or exhibiting work outdoors.

In Parrsboro, the former United Church is now home to the Nonesuch Centre for Performing Arts & Studios which has 2 performance spaces – the main sanctuary and a stage at ground level. In our main building the secondfloor gallery of Main & Station has been used for everything from dance performances to book launches to painting exhibits while the ground floor is suited to small presentations, poetry readings and storytelling. The basement is a raw space with a cement floor, brick walls and a stone foundation. The sandbar at the Black Rock beach, the rear yard of Main & Station, the fields at the West Bay property and various other outdoor venues are also available. Depending upon the nature of the work, other performance sites may be arranged in collaboration with local venues.

What other opportunities are there to exhibit and perform work?  The opportunities are myriad and include the OUTDOORS. Participants who feel they would like to perform or exhibit are encouraged to communicate ahead of time so that appropriate introductions and arrangements can be made.

Is it possible to create installations on the properties?  Yes. All plans should be cleared with us beforehand. In most cases, a sketch and written proposal will need to be submitted.

Publication  Also, Black Dog & One-Eyed Press may offer to publish works in conjunction with writers and artists who are associated with Main & Station.


Are there any grants, stipends or travel allowances?
   Nonesuch does not provide travel allowances. Some Fellowships funded by the founders of Nonesuch and through the generosity of donors who have contributed to the various Fellowships are available post-residency / to returning residents.   It is also likely that funding in the form of fellowships, grants or awards may be available by applying to your local or national arts council, private foundations or educational institutions. We happily provide letters of invitation so that application to various funding organizations can be made.  For assistance or guidance in seeking funding, email us at [email protected].

Residency Costs

All in all, what expenses will I be responsible for? 
There is a $25 application fee for prospective residents.

If you are accepted, there are residency fees starting at $50/day. Residents who require assistance are encouraged to apply for fellowships, grants and travel allowances.

Each resident purchases or brings with them their own materials and supplies for their discipline, personal supplies and care items and personal food.

The daily rate for non-residency visitors varies depending upon the accommodation. Please contact us for details.


What about transportation to and from the facility?  
If you are driving to Nova Scotia, we will be happy to provide directions. Parking for personal vehicles is available.  If you are flying or coming by train, our closest airports are in Halifax and Moncton, and the closest railway station is in Amherst. To get to Parrsboro from any of those locations you can either rent a car or arrange a taxi ahead of time. Depending upon the time of year and availabilities, other transport options may be available and can be discussed once your application has been accepted.

In Quebec we can provide transport from Montreal’s airport and railway station. Car rentals are available in the area. Parking for personal vehicles is available.

If I don’t have a car, will I be able to get around while at Nonesuch?  Not having a vehicle will seriously limit you in Nova Scotia but yes, it is possible since a stay on the third floor of Main & Station gives access to the conveniences of Main Street. We also have bicycles available for loan.

Montreal has an excellent public transit system and a vehicle is not necessary.

Might I ship materials in advance of my arrival?
 We would be pleased to accept delivery of materials prior to your arrival.

Are there animals at Nonesuch?  
Two dogs currently makes their home at Nonesuch.

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected]