A Felting Workshop ~ A Communal Art Project ~ An Exhibition

This January Learn Felting and Co-Create an Installation with Artist In Residence Isidora Spielmann

This is an invitation for you to explore your relationship with the landscape, the way it affects you, the way you interact with it and what you give in return.

Perhaps it will be a landscape from your childhood, one that affected your psyche and you still carry in your mind, or maybe the landscape you find yourself in, here and now. Landscape that has not been altered with concrete, that can still breathe its millennially long life, invites us to slow down and listen to the pulse of time from where our deepest voice can rise.

Two ways to participate:

~ Learn felting in 1 to 5 days of fibre-workshops.

~ Join as a self-directed artist, with the medium and discipline of your choice, to co-create an installation.


WORKSHOP DETAILS: Introduction to Felting for any skill level. Trained and untrained artists alike are invited to explore their familiar medium or dive into a new one. The workshop is geared toward creating a landscape with both wet and needle felting, then adding a three dimensional character to tell a story. Artists working in any medium are invited to join in an installation that is communally conceived.

Sign up for one or more days. There is NO minimum or maximum requirement to participate. Pick and choose which days you would like to participate.

Day #1: Wet felting a 2 or 3D landscape, laying the ground.

Day #2: Adding to the piece with embroidery, beading and 2D needle felting.

Day #3: Needle felting a sculptural piece. i.e., bird, animal, human …

Days #4 + 5: If you plan to make either a larger piece or want to explore more felting techniques (Nuno, fabric making …)

WHEN: Project begins January 10, 2023 // Workshop runs Wednesday, 25 January through Sunday, 29 January, 2023 // Exhibition of all works on 24 & 25 February

WHERE: Main & Station Nonesuch Gallery, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia



By Donation.


Bring your own materials or buy [wool, yarn, fleece, …] at cost on site. Isidora will have fibre arts tools to share.


Please email [email protected] to sign up. Include your full name and contact information as well as the days you would like to attend. We will confirm by email along with necessary workshop information.


Isidora Spielmann is a multifaceted fibre artist, custom and costume designer, schooled and certified in Vienna, Austria. She has been responsible for the costumes and soft props for several smaller theatre productions and shows. Her original works have been included in art shows and fine craft galleries across Canada. Isidora teaches Fibre Arts to all ages and abilities. Visit Isidora’s website https://www.isidoraspielmann.com

How to Look Good in Shorts

A Short-Story Writing Workshop with Australian Author Karenlee Thompson

Short-story writing is an art unto itself. Australian author Karenlee Thompson facilitates this 3 hour workshop, “How to Look Good in Shorts”, designed to provide participants with practical advice on structure, characters, and hands-on critiquing exercises to whip their short-stories into perfect shape. 

WHEN: Wednesday, 10 August, 10am – 1pm 

WHERE: Main & Station, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro

COURSE FEE: $ 25 + hst

REGISTRATION: To sign up email [email protected]

Visit https://hmsnonesuch.com/how-to-look-good-in-shorts/ for more information.

Artist in residence: Andrew Godsalve

Andrew Godsalve is an artist and wildlife technician based in Hinton, Alberta. Hinton is a small town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, along the Athabasca River. There Andrew was raised in a family studying wildlife biology. His mother Beth MacCallum runs Bighorn Wildlife Technologies, a small private consulting company that works primarily with the coal mining industry in the Hinton area. They do wildlife surveys on and around open-pit coal mines, making recommendations for how the industry can mitigate their impacts on the wildlife. As a Wildlife Technician, Andrew has learned to read the landscape as to observe the animals and how they inhabit it. This upbringing has had a profound effect on his artistic interests.

Andrew graduated with a BFA from the University of Victoria where he developed a practice of photomontage based on geologic forms and processes. He then took his “geo-photomontage” practice to residencies in Banff, Iceland and the Bay of Fundy, developing projects specific to the particular geologic histories of these regions.

A recent graduate of the MFA program at NSCAD University, Andrew is pleased to be back in Nova Scotia for back-to-back residencies along the Bay of Fundy.

He has just completed his arts residency through the Joggins Fossil Institute’s ArtScape Artist-in-Residence program where he has been working on “Camera Sigillaria”, a project tracing the geo-histories of Cumberland County and now from 1-14 November he will continue the work in Parrsboro through the Main & Station Nonesuch residency program. During this time Andrew will also teach an Artistic Geo-photography Workshop, lead a Geo-montage Walking Tour, and have an exhibition of his photographs. See below for details.