Past Workshops


MAY 13 and MAY 20 from 1pm to 4pm :  Experimental Drawing 1 & 2 with Carlos Gomez. REGISTER NOW…

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JUNE 4 from 9am to 5pm :  Collage Creation  with Rhonda Barrett. REGISTER NOW…

JUNE 29 from 1:30pm to 3pm :  Cut & Paste Fun  with Judith Appleton. REGISTER NOW…


JULY 19  Art Under Foot with Kaylaira Lea. REGISTER Here…

JULY 23  Creating Your Story through Sound and Movement with Kaylaira Lea

Carving The Sea_Agati_web        W:C_PleinAir_2017_poster_Cohen

JULY 29 from 11am to 1pm : Plein Air Drawing Excursion  with Sara McKarney.  REGISTER Here…

AUGUST 1 from 10:30am to 4:30pm :  Doodle Your Way to Tangling with Lori St. Clair. REGISTER NOW…

Doodle_Tangling_poster  Soundscape 2017_smallwood_web

AUGUST 2 from 1pm to 4pm :  A Field Recording WorkshopExploring the Parrsboro Soundscape  with Scott Smallwood. REGISTER NOW…


Painting Realism_ST.Clair_poster   Plein Air_Drawing_McKarney_poster

AUGUST 2 & 3 from 6:30pm to 9pm :  Painting Realism in Watercolour  with Bruce St. Clair. REGISTER NOW…

AUGUST 12: Carving the Sea, a Community Art Project  with Nancy Agati….

SEPTEMBER 16 or 17 from 2pm to 4pm :  Plein Air Watercolour Painting with Brian D. Cohen.  REGISTER NOW…

Sweetest Love 2017_web


    • JULY 2017 7am daily – Finding Fluidity through Yoga, with Kaylaira Lea
    • JULY 5  Earth Moving Meditation
    • JULY 9  Medicine Wheel Exploration, a workshop with Kaylaira Lea
    • JULY 9  Fire Ceremony
    • JULY 12  Connecting with your Animal Guide, with Kaylaira Lea
    • JULY 23  Moon Ceremony
    • JULY 26  Earth Moving Meditation
    • AUGUST 7 – 10  Sweetest Love, conversations & meditations




Tuesday and Friday from September 1st through 18th, 2015 -from 3 pm – 5 pm: Sivananda yoga class (all levels)

Thursdays in SEPTEMBER 2015… the 3rd, 10th and 17th, 2015 – from 3 pm – 5 pm: Editing with Sandra Stephenson

Wednesdays in SEPTEMBER 2015… the 2nd, 11th and 16th, 2015 – from 3 pm – 5 pm: Poetry with Czandra
JULY 13th, 2015  and JULY 18th, 2015 : : Drawing Blind Light and Shadow Charcoal Workshop with Donna Jacobs
JUNE 20 and 21, 2015: Meditative Collage (or all mixed up and that’s just fine) with Julia Heimer Dadds

MAY 31st & June 6th, 2015 : EPIC MUGS, art you can drink out of with Jessica Sallay-Carrington.

MAY 10, 16, 17, and 30th, 2015 : Handbuilding Ceramic Sculptures, a four day Hollow Solid Clay Sculpting workshop with Jessica Sallay-Carrington.


AUGUST 11TH to 14TH, 2014 : Dare to Paint: a four day oil painting workshop with Jane Zdansky .


JUNE 7TH -9TH, 2013 :  Weekend Photo Seminar – This full weekend workshop includes classroom instruction, a location shoot and an in class critique and discussion. 

JUNE 3RD – 12TH. 2013 : Digital Photography Course (2 hours per evening over 4 evenings: June 3, 5, 10 & 12) Aimed at beginner to intermediate photographers, this course is for those who are interested in learning to improve their skills and gain a better understanding of both photography and their camera. Automatic settings will be covered but those with camera settings such as A/Av & S/Tv (for Aperture and Shutter control) will receive the most benefit.

JULY 7TH, 2013 : Mushroom Walk with Artist  Unlike other mushroom walks the goal will not only be to forage for food but to appreciate and be inspired by mycology. Alexis Williams will describe practical uses of wild mushrooms like ink making, dying, and environmental remediation while we explore what happens when we step off the path and use our intuition to make decisions to find mushrooms (and slime molds) to be studied for aesthetic inspiration. Participants are encouraged to bring cameras, flat bottom baskets and sketch books.

JULY 26TH -JULY 28TH, 2013 : Writing the Story of Your Life This 3-day workshop with Ian Ferrier will use a very open mind to help each participant choose the best way to bring writing into his or her life—from journals to offhand storytelling to serious works of poetry or prose. It is open to anyone who wants to engage writing as a tool for discovering the meaning and excitement in life.

JULY 29TH -AUGUST 2ND, 2013 :  The Voice of the Writer  This 5-day workshop with Ian Ferrier intended for writers who want to develop the range, beauty and breadth of their own voice.  It sees print as the typescript for an unruly talker who breaks out of the page and announces her or his discoveries to the world.  It examines how even the most sophisticated writers in the language are grounded in voice, even if it is only a voice heard in the mind.  It is open to writers of poetry and prose as well as spoken word artists, to anyone looking at how to use a tool that still rules in the literature of the 21st century.

JULY 30TH -AUGUST 1ST, 2013 : Acrylic Painting Workshop – Self Portraits  Open to both beginners and experienced painters this 3 day acrylic painting workshop will consist of 4 segments, one devoted to landscape painting and three self-portrait segments. Each participant will go home with 2 framed paintings.

AUGUST 1ST, 2013 : Purple Chips Seminar  Meet John Schwinghamer, the author of Purple Chips. Learn about Purple Chips, the royalty of Blue Chip stocks. Discover if you’re holding Purple Chips and why Purple Chips are high quality, low risk stocks. There will be a question period and booksigning following the seminar.