In Residence : Joel Jansa & Tati Gaia

We are proud to have reknowned nomads Joel Jansa & Tati Gaia at Main & Station as Nonesuch Residents since November 2015.

Joel is from Barcelona. He is a Physicist, Comedian, Peanut Butter Cookie Lover, and Didgeridoo & Violin player.  Sometimes he also make crazy music with every other instrument around. Tatiana is a Graphic Designer, Tattoo Artist, practitioner of Slack-Line, and Tapioca Queen. Both are passionate about the planet we share and treating it gently.

Joel 120

We have a collective movement with a mutual empowerment focus that aims to foster and promote the sustainability and overall health of both people and the planet.
We are focused to share the alternatives on self-reliance, in holistic health, responsible consciousness and environmental awareness. With the conviction that another world is possible, we want to contribute to the increasing shift of positive values. We encourage the reflection of our habits and daily choices with real examples.Tatiana pedals
The information of ancestral and modern knowledge, technology, projects and people with an attitude demonstrating that living sustainably is indeed possible, and is already a reality, here and now!

They spent 5 months exploring the Amazon River on a raft that they built from found objects. The raft was bicycle driven.

raft    188

Tati and Joel are at Main & Station to document and write about their experiences. Both Tatiana and Joel have engaged in the community in a substantial manner, donating time and energy to the school, the refugee sponsorship project, the Parrsboro music scene, and to helping out at Main & Station.

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We asked them to tell us something about their travels and plans:

Together we crossed Brazil in an adventure of living, an adventure of different ways, different places, different people. 
We traveled by foot, by horse, and by bicycle, in trucks, in cars, in vans and on boats. With music and circus, with talks and workshops, we volunteered at schools, performed in public squares and gardens, always trying to transmit a message of love, peace, and sustainability. 
We built a boat with reusable materials that were found in trash or donated.
We traveled without care about money.
We lived for 9 months in a town just trading with people.
We visited indigenous and native communities where we shared and received so much learning, as we do with every person who we get in contact with, by understanding their culture and habits, their problems and blessings!                
Joel reflects            
After more or less 3 years of traveling together and living this alternative way, in a hippie-gypsy style, we went to Barcelona to visit family and started to plan our project. We call this project Permact and it is inspired by the Permaculture concept and the importance of action.
We took a course about how to make a collective project sustainable in the IGOP (Autonomous University of Barcelona) called ESTARTER and we made photography expositions in youth centres about our trip.
Our plan was come to Parrsboro, finish this plan and start our trip. We are now volunteering at the school in Parrsboro to help with enviromental education by working with the art and english teachers. We also encourage self-knowledge with our slackline classes in an after school YMCA program at the school.

the new old van

Their next adventure will be to drive from Parrsboro through to Panama and into Columbia and South America.  Planned for spring 2016.

Foto 5 - Cavalgada

To find out more about their philosophy and their project Permact – Permanent Attitude:

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