Sivananda yoga class (all levels)

WHERE: Main & Station, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro, NS

WHEN: Every Tuesday and Friday from September 1st through 18th 3 pm – 5 pm

COST: $10 / session OR $50 for all six sessions

This a yoga class for people interested in the whys of yoga as well as in the practice itself.

The class is for all levels, includes jnana yoga and Ayurveda as well as hatha and pranayama (philosophy and medicine as well as postures and breathing).

The class will be taught by Sandra Stephenson who has been teaching Sivananda yoga since 1993, and has been a certified ayurvedic yoga therapist and Vedanta student since 1997. Sandra has taught beginner and intermediate yoga and Vedanta to over 3000 yoga students in 20 years.

People need to wear loose clothing and are asked to bring a yoga mat (any body-sized mat will do, but sticky mat preferred) as well as, if they wish, a cushion to sit on.

To register, or for more information about the classes… or stop in at 168 Main Street, Parrsboro’s old Post Office.