Dare to Paint with Jane Zdansky

a four-day oil painting workshop


WHEN:  August 11 to August 14th, 2014. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,* Thursday from 9:30am to 12:30pm

WHERE: Main & Station Second Floor, 168 Main Street, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, B0M 1S0

INSTRUCTOR: Jane Zdansky

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This workshop will cover the basic methods and materials used in oil painting while you work on your choice of image in still life, landscape or portrait. Discussion will be directed towards the basic design elements that lead to good compositions; positive and negative space, color, line, light and dark spaces, perspective and understanding how the eye flows over a painting.

Most importantly participants will be encouraged to free themselves of the biggest obstacle in painting, the fear of making a mistake.


Please note it is recommended that students bring their own materials.

The following materials are for this workshop:

  • oil paint (suggested palette: titanium white, ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cadmium red deep and medium, magenta, cadmium yellows, hansa or naples yellow)
  • pre-primed supports : panel or masonite, cardboard and/or canvas – preferably all three and larger is better
  • palette
  • sketch paper
  • brushes: at least three bristle brushes – flat, round and pointed
  • knives
  • oil mediums
  • rags

If you will not be able to bring any of your own materials, please tell us and add the $60.00 materials fee when you register. We cannot guarantee to have materials available unless we know ahead of time.

Participants also want to bring a painting smock or apron (old shirts etc.) and/or wear old clothes. Participants are also welcome to bring any materials they would like to use in their work.

Materials included in the $60 material fee: oil paint, supports (panel, cardboard and canvas), gesso, palette, sketch paper, brushes, knives and oil mediums, rags and solvents.

This workshop is intended for the beginner painter as well as the intermediate painter who would like to develop more confidence in their working methods. If you have any questions include them when you register or send an email to fun@hmsnonesuch.com. Please also let us know if there is anything particular you hope to learn in this workshop.
 *Included in the workshop on Wednesday, August 13th at 2pm is a presentation by guest speaker Donna Samuels, a Montreal painter working towards her masters in art history/ art theory at Concordia University.
This presentation What is art?  covers how our ideas of art have changed over time.

 *Lunch is included on Wednesday.


Painting with Jane: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,* Thursday from 9:30am to 12:30pm

Talking art with Donna: Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm

Please note that Wednesday includes time for lunch which will be provided.  Please tell us if you have any allergies or other food restrictions.

If you have any questions, email us at fun@hmsnonesuch.com


Cost/Student = $185.00 + tax = 212.75

Cost/Student  + Materials =  $245 + tax = 281.75



Register by July 11th and pay only $135.00  + tax  = 155.25

Or with materials = $195.00 + tax = 224.25

Fill in the form below and send your payment to reserve your place. An email will be sent to confirm your registration and receipt of your payment.



    1. If you wish to pay with by credit card, click the PayPal ADD TO CART button below.
    2. Pay the easy way with an Interac e-Transfer: simply go to your online bank and send a transfer to fun@hmsnonesuch.com.
    3. If you wish to pay by cheque, mail it to Main & Station, 168 Main Street, PO Box 507, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia B0M 1S0

Please don’t forget to fill in the registration form above so that we can reserve your place immediately.



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