Painting Realism in Watercolour

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A Watercolour Workshop with BRUCE ST. CLAIR


In this two-session workshop Bruce will introduce some watercolour ‘tricks’, techniques, and skills useful for creating a realistic image. The course will begin by reinforcing basic skills and then challenge participants with new creative techniques and how to apply them.                   

Students who wish, may bring previous works for critique.

WHEN:   2 & 3 August from 6:30 pm – 9 pm

WHERE:   At Main & Station, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, B0M 1S0

WHAT:   Running deep within many artists and art viewers alike is a fascination with “Realism,” i.e., the illusion of believable, tangible shapes and surfaces in 3 dimensional space, created simply with paint on a flat surface.

In this watercolour course, we will be exploring the technical aspects of achieving a realistic image – including ways to get the drawing right, how to make the most of your photo references to enhance your subject and how to add or combine images. We will tackle such subject matter as skies, grass, rocks, foliage, water, wood and metal to develop painting skills, including the judicial use of masking fluid and opaque paint.

Expect lots of demos and personal assistance, as time allows.

By the end of the course students should have produced samples / studies demonstrating the use of the various skills learned.

INSTRUCTOR: Bruce St. Clair

Bruce St Clair

Winner of NAOPA’s 2016 People’s Choice Award, the Wellington Church Award, for his painting Three Gables, Bruce St. Clair has 50 years of painting experience and has been teaching teaching drawing and painting for 35 years.

Bruce studied at the Ontario College of Art and has gained national and international attention as one of Canada’s foremost realist painters.

Three Gables     Bruce St. Clair

Three Gables
Bruce St. Clair

Numerous solo exhibitions of Bruce’s work have been held including at Aggregation Gallery (now Wynick/Tuck) in Toronto; the Moose Jaw Public Art Museum; the London Art Gallery, Confederation Art Gallery in Charlottetown; the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, the Joan Ferneyhough Gallery in North Bay; the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre in Guelph, and at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Bruce’s works are included in many public and corporate collections, including Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Charlottetown), C.I.L., Crown Life (Toronto), J.S. Redpath Limited (North Bay) and Ontario Northland (North Bay).

To learn more about Bruce St. Clair and what he is doing and where, please visit his website 

Road to the Quarry

REQUIREMENTS                      This workshop is open to anyone interested in improving their watercolour painting and observational skills.  Although basic skills will be reviewed, some watercolour painting experience is preferable.

MATERIALS                   Participants should bring their own materials. A recommended list is below and also available for download or printing here …….bruces_watercolour_supply_list_basic

WATERCOLOUR SUPPY LIST                                                                               (BASIC – medium priced and student grade are fine for beginners)

PAINT COLOURS (Tubes – beware of cheap sets)

Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red medium or light
Cadmium Yellow medium
Lemon Yellow
(Hooker’s Green)
Viridian Green
Thalo Blue (o.k.a. Winsor or Intense Blue) Ultramarine Blue
Neutral Tint or Payne’s Grey

Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Yellow Ochre


3/4” flat wash brush
#4 or 6 and #10 or 12 round brushes (check for good points)

Useful extra brushes:
1/2” angled flat
1/2” flat with plastic handle and beveled end


Pad of W/C paper – 140 lb, cold pressed (i.e., medium weight and texture); approx 12”x16” W/C palette (white styrofoam meat trays work for starters)
Couple of margerine tubs for water – the lids can be useful for extra mixing areas
Tissue for blotting, etc (toilet paper works great)

Pencil and white eraser

Useful extras:

Art masking fluid, traditional flat toothpicks
Natural sea sponge (less expensive at a hardware or paint store)

Collect photos of subjects you’d like to paint, including skies (not needed for first class)

If you have any questions, email us at

Coming Storm StClair


If you will be coming from out of town, please let us know if you need any help or information, such as with directions or accommodations.


Cost  / Participant:  $85 +hst = $97.75

Space is limited. Register now!

To register, please fill in the form below and send your payment to reserve your place, or send an email to, or call 514-979-3978.  An email will be sent to confirm your registration and receipt of your payment.  If you do not receive confirmation within 5 days, please contact us.



If you wish to pay by credit card, select PayPal when you register and we will email you a PayPal invoice.

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If you wish to pay by cheque or cash, stop in and see us or mail it to Main & Station, 168 Main Street, PO Box 507, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia B0M 1S0

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