a Jane Zdansky exhibition of oils and watercolours


opens July 30th

meet the artist, Friday August 2nd, 10am -1pm

Landscape, 2010, 12" X 12", oil on wood

My work is a response to reality rather than an imitative picture of reality. Whether my inspiration is a forest, a person or a vase of flowers, my approach is always to create a portrait of my subject that evokes an emotional tone through aesthetic mean.

All art speaks directly to our emotions. As a visual artist I employ the formal elements of line, colour, mass, composition, visual rhythm, etc. to communicate feeling in painting, sculpture or other visual media. The work is informed by every experience in my life. For me, working in the studio is not removed from life but an extension of it, it is a stew of memories, desires and a place where I can process the hurly-burly of contemporary experience and create a therapeutic haven producing work that fills a need for contemplation.

Jane Zdansky, B.Sc., B.F.A., has been painting since she was a child and has been exhibiting work since 1999. Her work can be viewed at