Finding Fluidity through Yoga

Kaylaira Lea has a forty year study and practice of yoga and has led yoga sessions as called to do in various parts of the world.

WHAT: Rotation of joints, stretching, lots of breathing, easy movement, relaxation and clarity is the focus of this gentle yoga practice.  Participants should dress in comfortable clothing and bring a mat or thick towel.

Kaylaira is also happy to include those who need to sit in a chair….. or do other more rigorous sessions occasionally for the yogic fit people.  Just let us know!

WHEN:  7am daily through the month of July  

WHERE:  Main & Station secondfloor gallery.  

COST:  A suggested $5 donation.

Please contact us to sign up and for more info.  You can stop by at 168 Main Street, Parrsboro or email us at or call us at 514-979-3978.  

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