Transforming Our Trash

We understand we are responsible for the reality we live in; therefore, we must work hard to go further towards a more sustainable society, in harmony with nature.


Joel & Tati are “artivists” (artist + activists) who believe that certain changes do not come from leaders, but surface from collaboration, dialogue and social exchange. For some years the duo have travelled with a project called Permact ( offering workshops like this so as to give the opportunity for people to rethink about consumerism and waste.

Transforming Our Trash

Join Tatiana & Joel to learn various ways to reuse some of the solid residues generated in our homes to create many different objects. Examples will be provided of the many options we have to increase the impact created from the trash that we generate in our daily lives.

This is also an opportunity to talk about and learn how to reduce our consumerism and waste to become more conscious consumers.

Each participant will exercise their creativity to create useful and/or beautiful objects from the so-called trash instead of simply wasting it.

For more information & to register, visit the workshop page here, or send us an email, or stop in at Main & Station, 168 Main Street (Parrsboro’s old Post Office).

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