Chefs Wanted – Nonesuch Residencies in Nova Scotia, Canada

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​Looking for an opportunity, something different, a change of scene… check out the Nonesuch Chefs Residency Program.

The Nonesuch Café is a small come-by-chance coffeehouse and eatery located in the picturesque seaside town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

We specialize in mushrooms, sea vegetables, and an international vegetarian cuisine.
IMG_3238During late summer and autumn months, the Nonesuch Café has been serving up fresh chanterelles on toast, wild mushroom gnocchi, delectable mushroom soup, wild-picked oyster mushroom omelettes, and other foraged treats.
As a come-by-chance establishment, we are only open sporadically so have decided to start a Nonesuch Chefs residency program which offers chefs of all styles and experience the opportunity to try something different. This is for someone who seeks inspiration, a challenge, an opportunity, or maybe just a change of scene.

To find out more and how to apply, click here…