Main & Station is pleased to announce the preliminary schedule for the first Nonesuch Coffee Talks series happening in the Café on most Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from May 19th through July 31st 2015. But there are exceptions to every rule so please note that talks are occasionally scheduled on other days as well and that although the series officially begins on May 19th, there are 2 artist talks scheduled beforehand on May 4th and May 7th. Please consult the schedule below.

If you are not already on the schedule but have something you want to talk about, please send your contact information and availability along with a talk title and short description to judith at [email protected]


Nonesuch Coffee Talks Schedule

Join us at Main & Station’s Nonesuch Café the following weekday mornings at 10:30 am for informal talks and presentations followed by or including a question and discussion period.


Monday, May 4 – Jane Zdansky_in residence Artist’s Talk                                    Montreal artist Jane Zdansky will be in residence at Main & Station until May 9th.

Thursday, May 7   Jessica Sallay-Carrington – in residence Artist’s Talk                     Originally from Vancouver and now based out of Montreal, artist Jessica Sallay-Carrington is in residence at Main & Station until June 4th.

Tuesday, May 19   Nonesuch Coffee Talks Series Introduction                          Join us for an introduction and overview of this talk series. The series will run from May until July 31st.

Wednesday, May 20   harvey lev – Perhaps

Thursday, May 21     Tracy Wise – Stories of a Policewoman                               Retired after more than 20 years as a police officer in England, Tracy Wise regales us with anecdotes from her fascinating career.

Tuesday, May 26   Jeri Brown  – Singing Around the World                              Whether singing, composing, conducting, acting or writing, Jeri Brown has brought her art all over the world for the more than 20 years. Join her for an informal chat about her joys and challenges along the way.

Wednesday, May 27     Conrad Byers – Sailing a Schooner                                      Retired sailing Captain Conrad Byers shares his experiece and stories of sailing wooden ships. 

Thursday, May 28            Bruce Wark – Visible Voices: The Radio Revolution                 Why and how was radio invented? Who made the world’s first broadcast? And what can we “see” when we listen to it? Veteran radiophile Bruce Wark takes us on an audio tour: radio then and now.

Tuesday, June 2              David Towns – Old Boat Tales                                              David Towns shares his passion for, drawings of, and stories about abandoned boats throughout the maritimes.

Wednesday, June 3   Jessica Sallay-Carrington – Artists’ Residencies, How & Why  Ceramic sculptor Jessica Sallay-Carrington talks about her experiences with various artists’ residencies, places to find them and how to apply, how new environments stimulate creativity, what the artists get out of the experience, what the hosts get, what the community gets.

Thursday, June 4            judith bauer – Fungus Is Everywhere                       Although most of us rarely think about fungus, it is found everywhere: in our homes, our medicines, our food, our forests, our bodies. Join mycophile judith bauer for a brief introduction to the beautiful, fascinating, sometimes frightening, and often delicious, world of fungus.

Tuesday, June 9             Clare Christie – Book Talk                                                    Retired teacher and lawyer and now author of several volumes and columnist for the Amherst News, Clare Christie talks about writing and publishing and explores some of the differences between self-publishing and being professionally published.

Wednesday, June 10            Mary-Irene Parker – Chiropractic in Canada           Chiropractor Mary-Irene Parker talks about the state of chiropractic in Canada; including history; education; research and development, and relationships within the health care world.

Thursday, June 11    Hans Durstling  – Gems and Minerals on the World Scale, A Billion Dollar Business and its Potential for Parrsboro  Moncton based gemcutter and jewellery maker Hans Durstling has taught at the Tucson Show and visited and researched Idar-Oberstein several times. In this talk, he’ll give a first hand account of both locations, and point out some possibilities that their development may hold for Parrsboro.

Friday June 12        Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds  – in residence Artist’s Talk Indiana artists Mark Beebe & Julia Heimer Dadds will be in residence at Main & Station for the month of June.

Tuesday, June 16     Marchel Strong – The Looming Crisis Of Long Term Care in our Rural Communities  Marchel Strong is a Volunteer Firefighter, an Instructor for St. John Ambulance, a Medical First Responder and has worked in Long Term Care for almost twenty years.  Join him for a discussion concerning our elderly and the difficulties associated with navigating the health care system in our rural communities. 

Wednesday, June 17   Gen. Colin Curleigh – My Small Role in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Thursday, June 18     Rod Tyson – Field Collecting                                                        Geologist and fine mineral dealer, Rod Tyson shows slides and talks about decades of collecting in the field.

Tuesday, June 23          Julia Heimer Dadds – Lao Tzu at the Gate

Wednesday, June 24     Roland McCaffrey – Motorcycling

Thursday, June 25    Maxine Westhead – Mudflats of Minas: the weird and the wonderful        Marine organisms abound in what looks like a lifeless surface: Marine Biologist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Maxine Westhead talks about the Minas Basin Mudflats.

Tuesday, June 30        Julia Heimer Dadds – Talismans of the everyday

Wednesday, July 8     Monique Léger – Bees & Dialogue

Thursday,  July 9         Linda Hargrave –  Writing for Posterity                                   There is no such thing as an uninteresting life. Linda will discuss memoir writing and present two wonderful techniques to help you write your own life story. How to decide where to begin, and then how to organize your experiences in an exciting and interesting way.

Tuesday, July 14      Donna Jacobs __in residence Artist’s Talk                                     Quebec artist Donna Jacobs will be teaching and exhibiting at Main & Station in July 2015.

Tuesday, July 21      Loren Williams & Randall Finnerty __in residence Artist’s Talk             Montreal artists Loren Williams & Randall Finnerty will be in residence at Main & Station in July 2015.

Tuesday, July 28    judith bauer – Mycophagy                                                              Farming among social insects, truffle pigs, mushrooms on toast and don’t pick the poison ones!