Full Bore Mystic, Meditative Collage, and Sacred Tremors

For the month of June 2015, creative duo Full Bore Mystic will be Nonesuch Artists in Residence in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Poet and visual artist Julia Heimer Dadds & painter Mark Beebe will be coming to us from Bloomington, Indiana where Julia teaches and Mark, now retired after some 25 years guarding museum treasures, is devoting himself full-time to his painting and his family.

"Sacred Tremors" Indiana Version, May 2015, Mark Beebe


You can meet Mark and Julia at their Artists’ Talk on Friday June 12th at 10:30 am in the Nonesuch Café.

Julia will also be giving two Nonesuch Coffee Talks on Tuesday, June 23rd, Lao Tzu at the Gate, and on Tuesday, June 30th, Talismans of the everyday.

On June 20th and 21st, Julia will be offering a Meditative Collage Workshop (or all mixed up and that’s just fine). For details and to register, see here… https://hmsnonesuch.com/workshops-seminars-conferences/learn/all-mixed-up/

Be sure to look for both Mark & Julia at our Tuesday Poetry Nights throughout the month of June and note that Julia will be our featured poet on Tuesday, June 23rd so come on down for that and also keep an eye out for Mark in and around town as you may just find him somewhere painting up a storm.

And finally, definitely don’t miss the exhibit of their work opening June 25th at 5 pm.

To give you a taste of her poetry, here is a sample Julia tells me is ‘a tad rough’. It is from a series Julia is working on around Jane Schoolcraft’s story (and her family’s). Her Ojibwe name  was Obabaamwewe-giizhigokwe (in modern spelling) (The Woman of the Sound [Which the Stars Make] Rushing Through the Sky) and she was married to the white man who renamed the lake from which the Mississippi flows.  Julia says she has “a small obsession around this story. She wrote poetry“.

In the past, strong brown women gave up their names, put on shoes and led
Him into the new world. Only this time, I will not show Him the headwaters of the Mississippi and despair. 
Darling, history has been written by the winners—all about skin tone and chromosomes…but no more. 
Lake Itasca will not bear his foolish Latin name.
Sit here beside me, sister, before we sing this song in a strange land; weave chanterelles and Queen Anne’s Lace—
food and beauty. We will change our minds, not sing their song. The salt water is drying into my shoes 
and I ask your forbearance. I am coming home to you but first I must remember I want to live, barefoot and knowing home. 
Let me forget—as our grandmothers did—the 10,000 things. Full circle, we will step—footprints washed clean, shoes left behind like a compass losing North.
She is coming home, sisters,
Not caring much for shoes.(from “Jane Johnston Returns” by Julia Heimer Dadds. Creative Commons 2014).

You can see more of Mark and Julia’s work here… http://markbeebe.net/Galleries/Nothing_Indifferent_Here.html



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  1. This sounds like a terrific event/ month. Wish I could be in two places at once!

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