Crows & Omens

POETRY AT THE PO with Miriam Dunn & Julia Heimer Dadds Beebe

TUESDAY, 11 JULY, 2017 at 8PM

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Miriam Dunn has been published in numerous anthologies and online literary journals and released her debut solo collection of poetry, “Who Will Love the Crow’, with Winter Goose Publishing in 2016. Miriam grew up on the pristine shorelines of Cape Breton Island on Canada’s east coast where she is a teacher, writer, hat-maker, mother, and dabbler in the visual arts.



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From Away - Full Bore Mystic at the Minas Basin   (book back cover)

From Away – Full Bore Mystic at the Minas Basin
(book back cover)


Julia Heimer Dadds Beebe  With Dr. Seuss as a strong influence, Julia Heimer Dadds Beebe started writing poetry around age 8. Inspired by William Carlos Williams’ example of being both physician and poet, she eschewed the fame and fortune of poetry as vocation and instead worked in human services and education long enough to see funding cuts in every critical need area.

Hard on the heels of attaining a PhD in Education from Indiana University and having fled the heat of her homeland, Julia is currently dividing her time between Halifax and Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. She and her mate Mark Beebe collaborate on multi-media art projects as Full Bore Mystic. Unlike Dr. Seuss, she rarely publishes and unlike William Carlos Williams, she does not ask forgiveness for eating the plums from the icebox.



We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the League of Canadian Poets for making this event possible.

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  1. go get ’em Miriam! Cool to see Main & Station now has gov’t funding!

    • Thanks Czandra! Actually Main & Station remains privately funded. It is just this event which has the funding through a League of Canadian Poets program to provide honorariums to poets… thank you LCP and Canada Council 🙂

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