Artist in residence: Judith Appleton




Wednesday JUNE 28, 7:30pm ~   Artist Talk with Judith Appleton

Thursday JUNE 29 from 1:30 to 3pm ~  Cut & Paste Fun, a workshop with Judith Appleton. REGISTER NOW…


Who am I?

A hard worker. A traveller, yet a rooted person who longs for home after a while. A perfectionist with a great deal of respect for tools and work. Previous incarnations include citrus farmer, working in publishing, documentary photographer, clerk, translator, art teacher, data input worker, book salesperson, copywriter, and more.

I am an American born and trained artist who transferred my life to Israel, where I live but will always be an “immigrant.” I love to travel and interact with people and new landscapes, capturing the light and the feeling of a place, in paint, charcoal, and photographs. When a landscape becomes too familiar, I seek a new place to explore, trying to keep my vision fresh.


I mostly paint outside or draw models. Over the past two years I have been attempting to combine the two, putting scenery after the models or models within the scenery, making collages of old paintings and new drawings, trying to find a way out of the dead end of realism/figuration/observation, while simultaneously appreciating the practice and discipline of classical academic art.

I am fascinated by the idea of being near water. This would continue my series of icebergs painted on a frozen island surrounded by a sea (Greenland residency). I look forward to painting an area with neutral emotions, as opposed to the charged landscape of Armenia with its memories of genocide (Yerevan residency). In both cases I worked daily and held an exhibit for the community at the close.

Open to, and looking forward to drawing people and the Minas Basin and the town.


My favourite materials are charcoal on paper or gessoed canvas, pencil on gessoed canvas or paper, oils on canvas, pastels on paper, and photography.

I look forward to making a video, my latest experimentation in new material.


June/July 2017


Meet Judith on Wednesday JUNE 28, 7:30pm at her Artist’s Talk and come to her Collage workshop on Thursday JUNE 29…