Nonesuch Poetry Calendar – Summer 2016 – see below for other events

Tuesdays at 8 pm unless otherwise indicated.

  • Tuesday 28 June – Free Fall / Children’s Verse & Nonsense
  • Saturday 2 July – Poetry On Demand – 6pm – 8pm
  • Tuesday 5 July – Julia Heimer Dadds Beebe / A picture is worth 1000 words
  • Tuesday 12  July- Conrad Byers – Salmon Dreams book launch / Punny 
  • Tuesday 19 July – Czandra / Poetry in Motion
  • Tuesday 26 July- Renga Night with Czandra & Brendan Hewitt
  • Tuesday 2 August   Narrative   *
  • Tuesday  9 August Poetic Appropriation  *
  • Tuesday 16  August   Hot Stuff    *
  • Tuesday 23 August   Poetry of Possessions & Material Memories   *
  • Tuesday 30  August   All About Love   *
  • Tuesday 6 September  Concrete Poetry   *
  • Saturday 10 September – THRESHOLDS – a multimedia poetic performance by Oana Avasilichioaei
  • Sunday 11 September – Illegible Voices Perform Illegitimate Texts – A Poetic Lab led by Oana Avasilichioaei

* If you would like to be a Nonesuch Featured Poet, email fun@hmsnonesuch.com






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Artist in residence: Andrew Godsalve

Andrew Godsalve is an artist and wildlife technician based in Hinton, Alberta. Hinton is a small town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, along the Athabasca River. There Andrew was raised in a family studying wildlife biology. His mother Beth MacCallum runs Bighorn Wildlife Technologies, a small private consulting company that works primarily with the coal mining industry in the Hinton area. They do wildlife surveys on and around open-pit coal mines, making recommendations for how the industry can mitigate their impacts on the wildlife. As a Wildlife Technician, Andrew has learned to read the landscape as to observe the animals and how they inhabit it. This upbringing has had a profound effect on his artistic interests.

Andrew graduated with a BFA from the University of Victoria where he developed a practice of photomontage based on geologic forms and processes. He then took his “geo-photomontage” practice to residencies in Banff, Iceland and the Bay of Fundy, developing projects specific to the particular geologic histories of these regions.

A recent graduate of the MFA program at NSCAD University, Andrew is pleased to be back in Nova Scotia for back-to-back residencies along the Bay of Fundy.

He has just completed his arts residency through the Joggins Fossil Institute’s ArtScape Artist-in-Residence program where he has been working on “Camera Sigillaria”, a project tracing the geo-histories of Cumberland County and now from 1-14 November he will continue the work in Parrsboro through the Main & Station Nonesuch residency program. During this time Andrew will also teach an Artistic Geo-photography Workshop, lead a Geo-montage Walking Tour, and have an exhibition of his photographs. See below for details.

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