Nonesuch Poetry Calendar – Summer 2016 – see below for other events

Tuesdays at 8 pm unless otherwise indicated.

  • Tuesday 28 June – Free Fall / Children’s Verse & Nonsense
  • Saturday 2 July – Poetry On Demand – 6pm – 8pm
  • Tuesday 5 July – Julia Heimer Dadds Beebe / A picture is worth 1000 words
  • Tuesday 12  July- Conrad Byers – Salmon Dreams book launch / Punny 
  • Tuesday 19 July – Czandra / Poetry in Motion
  • Tuesday 26 July- Renga Night with Czandra & Brendan Hewitt
  • Tuesday 2 August   Narrative   *
  • Tuesday  9 August Poetic Appropriation  *
  • Tuesday 16  August   Hot Stuff    *
  • Tuesday 23 August   Poetry of Possessions & Material Memories   *
  • Tuesday 30  August   All About Love   *
  • Tuesday 6 September  Concrete Poetry   *
  • Saturday 10 September – THRESHOLDS – a multimedia poetic performance by Oana Avasilichioaei
  • Sunday 11 September – Illegible Voices Perform Illegitimate Texts – A Poetic Lab led by Oana Avasilichioaei

* If you would like to be a Nonesuch Featured Poet, email [email protected]






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Bang Goes the Cosmic Canoe! 

Join us for a Live Performance and Multimedia art installation by the LA LA Art Collective (Tina Lam and Mark Andrews).

Tina and Mark have been Nonesuch Artists in Residence since late July 2022 and will be sharing their work with the public on 3 September, 2022 from 6 – 8pm in the Main & Station secondfloor Gallery at 168 Main St, Parrsboro (the old Post Office).

Reception: Saturday, 3 September, 2022 from 6-8 PM

Bang Goes the Cosmic Canoe! explores spiritual and mythic instances of celestial navigation in the Universe and the challenge to physical and philosophical Cosmology in grappling with what “happens” or what “is” as time is extrapolated backwards to zero. “Bang” refers to the Big Bang Theory, popularized in the Nobel Prize-winning work of Wilson and Penzias, and satirized in the long-running television sit-com, The Big Bang Theory.

Tina sediments the instance of the Cosmic Canoe in her sculptural work. The Canoe comes to Earth among two large multimedia works by Mark. He will read from his inaugural prose-poem one-act play, which is the title of the exhibition and performance. Listeners will be treated to a spiritual smorgasbord of “paddler god” scenes (stories) that begin with a poetic narration of the geological origins of the Minas Basin and the launching of “three old canoes” into the Fundy waters. Many of the scenes will be accompanied by human-audible sounds of the Universe and a selection of planets, moons and extraterrestrial objects. The sounds are courtesy of the European Space Agency and NASA. Tina will interpret Bang Goes the Cosmic Canoe! as a live performance.

Mark Andrews is an artist, scientist and writer who lives in Montreal. He creates large scale multi media works exclusively on paper. His works often concern the evanescence of voice, the transformation of Place and the mutability of identity. These subjects are resolved in transcultural Place-Naming stories, burial mounds, geoglyphs, mourning rituals, star maps, documentation of archaeological sites, skeletal remains of spirit creatures, and illustrations derived from origin stories.

Tina Lam is an artist-scientist-wanderer who creates sculptures, land-art interventions and multimedia installations. Growing up culturally uprooted, she has been pondering about what it means to exist, to belong, in a universe teaming with primordial, interconnected forces. Her work explores notions of transformation – both physical and metaphorical – and cosmology through the relationship between the human and the beyond-human; the melding of the personal with the scientific, the industrial with the natural, the mind with the body.

SCROLL DOWN or SEE HERE https://hmsnonesuch.com/papier-mache-workshop-create-a-spirit-mask-to-accompany-the-cosmic-canoe/ to find out how your work could be part of this show!

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  2. EXHIBITION OPENING : 12 AUGUST 2022 – 6 pm – 8 pm Leave a reply