The Building



Tracy Coffee Talking


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5 thoughts on “The Building

  1. What a handsome building!

    Hard to imagine the whole building was used as a post office. Were there apartments in it? Or?

    • It was not only the Post Office but also the Customs House and Armoury. And yes, the third floor was once a caretaker’s apartment.

  2. Beautiful old building ,lots of memories of stopping their to get warm . Even a heartbreak and crying my heart out ,or sitting on the cement step to watch everyone go by and just socialize a bit.
    Always wished someone would take over this building and and do something with it.
    I love this site and the photo’s are beautiful.

  3. This was the grandest of grand buildings. As a boy growing up in Parrsboro it was going to Disneyworld when you stepped inside this building. In later years when I was in the Sea Cadet Corps. we would have live fire target practise in the armoury firing range in the basement. Oh the memories. It is absolutely wonderful to see this jewel being brought back to life again..!

    • Would you have any photos from that time maybe one of you in the sea cadets corps or something special that you might like to share perhaps a story or photos.