NAOPA 2017 Award Recipients & A Special Mention

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Les lauréats des prix Nonesuch pour les arts papier 2017 

The recipients of the 2017 Nonesuch Art of Paper Awards

Il y a six (6) prix: quatre (4) prix choisis par le jury et deux (2) prix du public choisis par le vote des visiteurs lors des expositions de Parrsboro et de Montréal.There are six (6) awards : four (4) selected by jury and two (2) people’s choice awards selected by visitor voting during the Parrsboro and Montreal exhibitions.Le prix Nonesuch est de $5,000 plus une résidence de 3 semaines à Main & Station (Nonesuch Art Centre) à Parrsboro, Nouvelle-Écosse. Le prix est décerné à Book of Nineteen Nocturnes de Jim Holyoak.


Jim Holyoak

The Nonesuch Award is 5000 dollars plus a 3-week residency at Main & Station (Nonesuch Art Centre) in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The award goes to Continue reading

Writer in residence: Ian Ferrier


Main & Station is very pleased that writer and performer Ian Ferrier is once again in Parrsboro for a writer’s residency.  You might remember Ian from one of his previous residences: he has taught several writing workshops here and in 2013 he came here with For Body and Light, a contemporary dance company directed by choreographer Stéphanie Morin-Robert and, on that occasion, featuring the dancers Linnea Gwiazda, Marie-Pier Gilbert, and Marie-France Jacques.

At the end of their residency, For Body and Light wowed Parrsborians with their first performance of Coming and Going in our secondfloor gallery. The dance-music-poetry performance was created during the previous weeks while in residence at Main & Station and was inspired by the local environment and lore and especially by the tides coming and going in the Minas Basin.  Since that time the company has taken Coming and Going across Canada and to New York City. They have also created and performed several other works, including Bear Dreams which they worked on while Nonesuch artists in residence at Techno-Lith (New City Gas) in Montreal.  Ian has now also published books based on these performance works, Coming and Going & Bear Dreams.

The books are available for purchase at Main & Station.

While in Parrsboro Ian is working on a documentary about the wild paper pickers of Minas Basin.

For more information about Ian and what he does, take a look at his website, the Wired on Words website, and the For Body and Light website

Sarah Beth Goncarova in residence

 Sarah Beth Goncarova has returned to Parrsboro for a 2 week residency at Main & Station.  You might remember Sarah Beth from her beautiful installation What Gifts the Rain May Bring which was featured in our secondfloor gallery in 2014.

While she is here Sarah Beth is working on a sculptural installation in West Bay and doing research for an upcoming commission at Still Waters Pond, an unplugged retreat in Voluntown, Connecticut, USA,

You can find out more about Sarah Beth and her work at