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Chana Aloo MasalaThe café is mostly OPEN BY CHANCE : if you see the sign outside, the door open, and the lights on, please don’t be shy to come right in to see what we have on offer & to check out the new stock of secondhand books and art.

The Nonesuch Café is a small coffeehouse and eatery located in the picturesque seaside town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada. The café is on the ground floor of Main & Station along with a secondhand bookshop and myriad kickshaws, and art objects. The upper levels of the building offer accommodation and workspace for Nonesuch artist’s in residence as well as workshop, performance, and exhibition space in the Secondfloor Gallery.

We specialize in mushrooms, sea vegetables, and an international vegetarian cuisine.

Curried Tofu with Toasted Cashews, Sauteed Vegetables and Rice

Curried Tofu with Toasted Cashews, Sauteed Vegetables and Rice


The hours for the NONESUCH CAFE  are largely  COME BY CHANCE  so come on by MAIN & STATION  (Parrsboro’s old Post Office) for delicious freshly made Vegetarian meals and treats.

If you would like to be certain we are open before coming by, the Café will have the following Scheduled Hours beginning 6 JUNE 2018:

    • Wednesday 12 – 6pm
    • Thursday 12 – 6pm
    • Saturday 1 – 6pm


If you would like to be kept informed when we are open, about special events, and what our specials are, Follow Us on Facebook here… 

Chanterelles & Boletes

Chanterelles & Boletes

The cafe menu changes regularly depending on our mood and what is in season.

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sugar Free and Vegan options.


Sesame ginger vegan soysteak with rice and sautéed vegetables

Sesame ginger vegan soysteak with rice and sautéed vegetables

During late summer and autumn months, the café we offer up fresh chanterelles on toast, wild mushroom gnocchi, delectable mushroom soup, wild-picked oyster mushroom omelettes, and other foraged treats.

Our regular offerings also include daily soups, omelettes, salads, sandwiches, quiche, open toasts, crumpets, tacos, Veggie Burgers, casseroles, curries, fresh juices, baked goods and desserts.

Please note that although vegetarian we do cook with eggs and dairy (we are not vegan) but will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions. Please let us know if you have food allergies or other food no-nos.

Janet listens to Tracy

 Tomato Fennel Roast Garlic Soup

The Nonesuch Chefs residency program offers chefs of all styles and experience the opportunity to try something different. This is for someone who seeks inspiration, a challenge, an opportunity, or maybe just a change of scene. For more information contact.

The Nonesuch Café   Post Office 20150624
Main & Station
168 Main Street
Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
B0M 1S0


Check the website or Facebook for opening hours and menu updates.

Please note that in 2018 we will be relaunching THE NONESUCH COFFEE TALKS SERIES. If you might like to participate by speaking on a subject which interests you, read more about the series here…