Leap Second Festival 2016-2017 – One Second Residencies

Leap Second Festival 2016-2017  Saturday New Year’s Eve Dec 31 2016 23:59:60 and lasts one second until Jan 1 2017 00:00:00 (UTC).

Main & Station Nonesuch is proud to be hosting several artists for the 2016 Leap Second Festival.  For the list of artists our Past and Present Artists Page…https://hmsnonesuch.com/artists-past-present/ or visit our Leap Second Residencies page for more detailed information about the participating artists and their projects… https://hmsnonesuch.com/2016-nonesuch-leap-second-residencies/

A leap second is an extra second between :59 and :00 that is left invisible on our watches and most computer systems. It’s usually faked using one of three glitchy processes – repeat, freeze, smear – to correctly adjust clock-time to the rotation of the earth. For us it means an opportunity to intervene in the flow of time creating a virtual synapse for new connections.” For more information about the Festival…http://leapsecond.online


one second                                                                                                                                  harvey lev