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A Town with a history_edit0713

 A town with a history

The project will focus on sage members of the community and has the following elements:

  • Each participant will be interviewed / asked to verbally share stories and recollections & whatever else they want to say.
  • Each participant will be photographed to create a portrait. The other details of the portrait and how revealing it is will depend on the individual.
  • A website will be created. The website will have a page for each participant. Each page will include audio from interviews. Hopefully each page will also include old photos, mementos, texts, bios, poems and other relevant material contributing to a multimedia portrait.
  • The photographic portraits will be printed in large format and installed in various locations about town… ideally each portrait will be installed in a location that has particular resonance for the subject of the portrait, a location that features prominently in their audio or other material. Each portrait will have a QR code allowing viewers to use their smart phones to link to the internet page (the url will also be included for those without smartphones).
For more information about this Main & Station initiative, please visit  www.hmsnonesuch.com, phone 514-979-3978, or contact Harvey Lev or Judith S Bauer, at  fun@hmsnonesuch.com   

Painting with Jane Zdansky


2 Horse Butts, Jane Zdansky

2 Horse Butts

Jane Zdansky is an artist living and working in St-Henri, a vibrant artistic neighbourhood in Montreal. She has been painting since she was a child and today her art addresses a range of issues concerning biodiversity, such as the depletion of fish stocks, and most recently, the removal of homes and horses from Griffintown.

Scrapped, Jane Zdansky


From 2006 to 2009 Zdansky organized art-walks in St-Henri, inviting the public to explore the many artist studios in her area. In the final edition of the art walk, well over 600 people came out to explore the 50 open art studios all within walking distance of each other. In 2011, as part of Urban Occupations, Zdansky created Scrapped, a monument in the form of a life size horse, to the Griffintown Horse Palace. In May 2012 Zdansky organized over 70 individuals in a community workshop/ fundraiser, Pour mieux nous connaître, based on self-portraiture. Also in 2012 she organized the Griffintown Horse Palace Fundraiser which involved 10 artists creating works of art on site for a silent auction.

For years Zdansky has been spending part of each summer on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and has expressed a desire to eventually live here. She holds a B.Sc. from McGill University and a B.F.A from Concordia University and has been exhibiting work since 1999. She works primarily as a painter and more of her work can be viewed at www.janezdansky.com.


At the end of July Zdansky will be here in Parrsboro to teach a 3-day acrylic painting workshop focused on self-portraiture. This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced painters. Self –portraiture has been used for centuries as a venue for artistic expression. Through use of colour, line, stroke intensity, et cetera, a self-portrait allows for the personality and mood of an individual to come through. Done on a small scale, self-portraits can be both fun and challenging at the same time.

At the end of the workshop, Main & Station will mount an exhibition of the works created.

FOR A FULL WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION AND INFORMATION ON HOW TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE… https://hmsnonesuch.com/workshops-seminars-conferences/learn/acrylic-painting-self-portraits/